DIY Alcohol Ink Votive Tutorial from Bitz & Giggles.

This is such an easy DIY with a big impact. You can make your own homemade alcohol inks - there are lots of tutorials if you search google. 

To see how quick and easy this DIY is using compressed air, watch Bitz & Giggles DIY Alcohol Votive video below:

For more alcohol ink DIYs, I posted a DIY Alcohol Ink Recycled Bottle Tutorial from Bliss Bloom Blog here.

For 4 different alcohol ink effects, check out another DIY Alcohol Ink Glass Ornaments Tutorial by Bliss Bloom Blog here.

Every time I go to IKEA I buy a huge package of tea lights. I can’t get enough of them and lucky for me, they’re cheap and accessible. So I can appreciate something that ups the personality on something tiny and disposable. Wrapping washi tape around them is an easy way to personalize them without sticking them in a votive holder. (These may also make a great addition to a party gift bag.) -EL

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