New amazing supplies sponsored by the parents!
• Backpack from Cath Kidston {my fav brand}
• Monthly Planner via the Paper Stone
• Moleskine notebook {tbh this is a first for me (even though my parents have been using these for years) because I can’t seem to get myself to pay 30$ for a pack of 3. If this was not a gift I wouldn’t have gotten it even though I admire the finish}
• Cath Kidston small pouch for access cards and public transport cards💕

What should I do in my notebook? If you have any cool ideas send me a message☺️

Uses for an old cutlery container.

After moving house, I no longer had any use for this… So I decided to use is as a stationery container. Brilliant, now my pens all have there own section. No more sorting through them to find the right one. 

Mellybelle’s DIY