I’ve gotten so many requests for this! Please read the steps first, then watch the video, then start the project! Message me with questions or problems.

Things You’ll Need:

1. A map (a decent-sized one!! mine is about 32 inches x 18 inches. I get my maps from National Geographic magazines that my mom has.)

2. A composition book (mine is 9.75 inches x 7.5 inches and it was like $0.75??)

3. A ruler (at one point in the video, I use 2. just 1 will be fine.)

4. Scissors (I didn’t use them though.. you’ll see in the video)

5. Tape (preferably clear packing tape)

6. A pencil 

7. 1 hour maximum (hopefully!!)

If you don’t have a map, you could probably use wrapping paper or a poster!!


Click on the step # and it will take you to that part of the video!

1. Lay out the map. Then, flip it over so that the side you want as your outside cover is facing the table. 

2. Place your notebook on top of the map. Set it up where you want it but make sure to leave extra room. 

3. With the composition book open, flat on the map, measure 4 inches from one side of the notebook. Make a vertical line from that point to the top and bottom of the map. Repeat on the other side, but measure 4.25 inches instead. Cut both and put the scraps to the side or throw them out. 

4. Measure 2.25 inches from the top of the notebook. Make a horizontal line from that point to both sides (right and left) of the map. Repeat, but measure 2.25 inches from the bottom of the notebook. Cut both and put the scraps to the side or throw them out.

5. Lay out your notebook so that it is 2.25 inches from the top, 2.25 inches from the bottom, 4 inches from the first side, and 4.25 inches from the second side. This is everything you’ve done so far without the excess paper that you had to cut. Use the thickness of the notebook to make creases on all 4 sides. Fold over these 4 creases. The folded parts should be the side that was facing down in step #1.

6. Fold the map so that the 2.25 inch horizontal flaps are folded first, then on top of that are the 4-4.25 inch flaps.

7. Now, just insert the composition book back cover inside of the right vertical flap. Close the composition book. Now, insert the front cover into the left vertical flap. (If you’ve ever made textbook covers out of brown bags, this is a similar concept.)

8. Make adjustments as needed. DO NOT USE ANY TAPE YET. Too tight and the front cover of the composition book is opening on it’s own? Make the left vertical flap a bit smaller (re-fold it) so that the cover has more space. Too big? Make one of the vertical flaps longer (re-fold it) so that the cover has less space.

9. If it’s just right, take the composition book out of the map book cover. I will show you how to tape it.

10. Enjoy your cute new notebook!!! Message me with any questions—I know I might’ve not been too clear! :)

Video Tutorial:


Uses for an old cutlery container.

After moving house, I no longer had any use for this… So I decided to use is as a stationery container. Brilliant, now my pens all have there own section. No more sorting through them to find the right one. 

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