Continuing from my previous post!! This is how my July week spread was organized!! Got some calligraphy pens from daiso to write the days :)




-Daiso (washi, sticker, calligraphy pen)

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Kate Spade Knockoff Notebooks
Ombre Journals
Personalized Sketchbook
Customizable Notebooks for Back-to-School
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Washi Tape Decorated Notebooks
Ombre Notebooks
Watercolor Notebook
Binder Folder

Pencil Cases/Backpacks
No-Sew Print Pencil Case
Knotted Zipper Pencil Pouch
Open Wide Zippered Pouch
Watercolor a Backpack

Kate Spade Inspired Acrylic Desk Accessories
Anthropologie Knockoff Gold Pencil Holder
Clay Desktop Paper Holder
Wood Bangle Pencil Cup
Cereal Box Drawer Dividers
Geometric Pencil Cups
Cork Containers
Desk Organization Command Center
Gold Desk Accessories
Simple Stationery Organizer
Desk Magazine Holder
Decorate Glass Jars with Porcelain Paint Pen

Washi Tape Pencils
Wire Heart Paperclips
Paper Marbling
Washi Tape Script Cards

Color-Block Bookmarks
Tassel Bookmarks
Cat Bookmark
Pressed Flowers Bookmark

Geometric Organization Inspiration Board
Pineapple Cork Board
Gold Wire Memo Board
Quick + Cheap Mood Board Idea
Ribbon and Linen Pinboard

Ombre Calendar
Washi Tape Calendar
Post-It Calendar
Paint Chip Calendar
Wall Calendar Using Color Chips

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Hello guys! Last month, my sister and I created a cute notebook because I couldn’t find a notebook that I liked in nearby stores. Since it turned out quite well, my sister decided to post a tutorial on how to make one on your own.

You can read the tutorial here!

Also, some corrections about the paper folding part: instead of just folding the pages in half altogether, you have to fold them one by one so that when you close the notebook, the pages would be evenly stacked. It requires a lot of patience, but the outcome is worth it!

There are parts where it gets a bit confusing, so if you have questions (especially the folding & sewing part), please don’t hesitate to ask. :)


Heyyyy~~ I’m starting school in September which means (!) I.Need.STATIONERY! Like, seriously: Stationery shopping is one the most exciting parts of being a student^^ So I made myself a list of the basic things I need. Nothing extraordinary but checklists are really helpful in order to not to forget a single thing + I’m going to another country soon and will buy some stuff in there as well~ Here’s a list of my essentials: •school bag
•water bottle
•pencil case
•pens: black, blue, colored
•glue stick
•pencil sharpener
•notebooks: A4 & A5
•paper clips
•desk organizer
So that’s pretty much all the things I have on my list. Maybe I will remember something more but this is the main stuff. Hope it helps~ Stay awesome•^•

anonymous asked:

Hiya!! I live in Indonesia where those cute stationery shops are very rare and even muji is only in 2 very far away malls where I live :c Do you have diy cute stationery posts?

Hi! Here are a few I’ve found:

I’m sure this long list will keep you occupied for a while haha! x