DIY High Waisted Shorts

Hey Everyone

Today’s DIY project is all about high waisted shorts. With summer approaching perhaps you have an old pair of high waisted pants that are ready to be transformed. Ill show you an easy way to do that and you won’t need to sew a thing!

What you will need:

-High Waisted jeans


-Pen or chalk 

- Iron and ironing board

-Flat surface to work on 

Step 1

Find yourself a pair of high waisted pants. The ones I used were a pair of old Levis I bought at Goodwill for 6$

Step 2

Find a nice flat surface to work on. I used my floor just because I don’t have a table large enough. Button the jeans and zip them. Fold them and make sure to line up the sides evenly. Carefully flatten out the jeans so that they are ready to cut. 

Step 3

Although most people start by trying them on and marking the length, I like cutting off the excess of the pants and then trying them on. Jeans fit different and its easier to see what they look like when you don’t have a full pant to distract you. Choose to cut at a safe length, longer than you know you will like them. 

Step 4

After cutting them, put your jeans on and mark the area where you want to cut. I knew I wanted to fold then ends of these shorts so I marked them an inch longer than the length I wanted. You could also just cut them short and fray the ends. Mark the area with your pen or chalk and then remove them. 

Step 5

After cutting off the excess you can put them back on and make sure you like the length. For the folded ones, like the ones I have made I folded them twice and made sure I was comfortable with the length after being folded. If you cut them too short, then you can turn them into frayed shorts (I hope to have a tutorial for that soon).  

Step 6

Now that you have your desired length, you can iron your shorts so that the folded ends do not come apart. Make sure to iron one fold at a time. 

Step 7

Repeat and make sure to get the sides really well. 

Step 8

Enjoy them! Thats it! You can also add some studs to your jean shorts. Whatever works best for you!

Eight Shorts from DIY People on Tumblr and One Tutorial on Ripping Designs into Shorts. All photos linked to Tumblr blog posts, and again, go to the blogs to see better photos:

  1. blanc-corneille Cut your shorts too short? Add lace to the bottom and add a  bow to the belt loop.
  2. lwoodzz Bleached and then dyed rainbow shorts (seriously, go to post for better photos because I chopped them up to fit a square)
  3. littlefashionblondie Cross studded shorts (she’s selling them on Ebay UK)
  4. kiuii Black lace pocket detail (go to link for the studs on the front and better photos of the entire project, scroll down a few posts)
  5. throughkaleidoscopeyes Braided denim trim on pockets
  6. dreamingyoungwildandfree Studded galaxy shorts
  7. lifeisaspecialoccasion Patchwork shorts (not 100% these are DIY because they weren’t tagged)
  8. m-a-k-a-y-l-a Dip dyed, studded and bleached shorts. I like how these are done in the opposite direction you normally see and the studs are spread out.
  9. DIY Ripped Heart Detail. This isn’t from a Tumblr blog but a DIY I posted from The Work is Getting to Me here.

Fancy up your boring jeans, jean skirts and jean shorts with this hot little back pocket bow! What a creative, yet simple way to spice up your plain look with this pocket bow! This look will be a great look for spring or summer and would pair up nicely with a cute tank or ruffled top!

source: pinterest

Get started on your summer look with these awesome diy galaxy shorts! These shorts are cute and stylish and would be great with a pair of converse, bangles and a little tee. These are fairly asimple to make and for the materials needed and the full tutorial go to: