I decided to this thing that’s been going around on Instagram. I have collected many molted feathers from previous birds I’ve owned and some feathers from birds that aren’t even my own (crazy bird lady level: 85). So I put these feathers in my clear phone case, which is a lot more practical than the bottle necklace I made that has a bunch of birb feathers in it, since I don’t wear necklaces.

Here’s a pretty sailor moon inspired background I made for my phone case, the Galaxy Note 4 Ringke Fusion Case. I placed the speech bubble over where my phone speaker is, it looks neat. The case itself comes with a template but I like using this digital template while I’m photoshop. Feel free to use it for your own phone!

So I was at Hot Topic yesterday and I saw this absolutely adorable Ariel phone case (pictured in the top left) but unfortunately it was only for iPhone 5, so it wouldn’t fit my iPod touch. But then I had an idea, so when I got home I went into Hot Topic’s website, found the phone case, saved the design to my computer, printed it, and cut it out so it’d fit into my clear iPod case!


How To Make A Bubblegum Phone Case