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Foil Effect Nail Art. In my last post, I showed you some Mariposa and Kozmic Coulors mini nail polish sets I found for $5. So here’s one of the looks I came up with using these shimmer polishes that have a real special foil-like effect. Over a black base, I just dabbed a small amount of polish of various colours in a random fashion. I really love this look. It’s really flashy and festive. And it looks just like foil paper without the hassle. Hope you like it.


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How to remove your gel nail polish when they look like shit.

What You Will Need:

Cotton balls
Nail buffer

1. Buff nail polish layer until it appears matte.
2. Soak cotton ball in acetone.
3. Wrap each nail with foil and cotton ball inside.
4. Set 15 mins.
5. Use towel to catch the excess polish that should peal right off.

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Super cute summery nails🌊 (yes I know summers basically over but we can pretend it’s not c; )


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anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any diys with nail varnish? NOT things like nail art but other ways of using it such as marbling things like mugs that sort of thing. xx

I do!! 

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