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How To Make A Giant OPI Nail Polish Bottle - Storage Idea or Gift Box



DIY Starbucks Mini Nail Polish-Miniature Cotton Candy Frap Nail Polish-Tiny DIY Tutorial!



My attempt at a custom Cullen nail polish: reddish browns and golds, warm and sparkly.  

If I’m going to be in Cullen hell, god damn it I am going to be spectacularly well-accessorized while I’m there.

if you want your nails to match your eyes… 


-plastic anything to mix in. preferably something to throw away

-top coat, base coat, whatever clear nail polish (i used sally hansen hard as wraps to keep from chipping)

mix the pigment and the clear polish on the plastic thing. i like to add a little nail polish thinner to make the application easier! this is for one time uses! super easy, btw. when you add nail polish thinner it dries a little faster. at least it did for me!:) and honestly, this is wayyy cheaper than buying opi and what not! and depending on what your clear coat is, it should last just as long as the high end polishes!


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i just watched this (i love her videos) and i thought you two would reaallly appreciate this

i think i might do this eventually too 

I have officially made my first polish! I’ve brainstormed up some Halloween-ish colors I want to make and I should have the rest of my supplies for them soon. Not sure How the rest will go, but I’m excited! I’ve dreamed of making my own polish for a looooong time now and finally have some extra cash to get started (thanks big girl job).

What do ya’ll think?!?! If I made a whole bunch would anyone buy them? Or should I just keep making what makes me happy and stick with that?