the oracle of defacement

(title subject to change as this develops)

Since no one wants the tarot decks I posted about (zero notes) i have concluded that I need to look at this whole thing differently. Its great that a friend of a friend donated a big bag of oracle-ish things…but…I cant expect witchpunx and people interested in the concept to jump at the chance to get doreen virtue cards. So I am taking this in a totally different direction.

I am defacing, destroying, cutting+pasting, and radically changing these decks in an artistic fashion. There will be a lot of texture, glue, collage. I am using a lot of paint markers. What is produced: a witchpunk approach to divination:  intuitive, playful, aggressive, and carrying principles built out of struggle. The colors are very high contrast. The proto-witchpunk and witchypunk community has no use for made up badly photo shopped angel guides telling us about peace of mind…so what will instead be received is something which is the total opposite of that.

There will be no guarantee that the Oracle of Defacement will be useful for any specific occult purpose. There is no guarantee that they can be used as if they were a tarot deck. What this project attempts to do is go to the core of what divination is, and the path it takes is through intense visual chaos. Divination is most commonly understood in the terms of tarot…. but ancient druids used to divine through the shapes of clouds and the songs of birds. Divination is deeper then structured imagery…it is about the way the brain interprets external information while in trance. Thus, the Oracle of Defacement may be useful to chaos magicians, fairy witches, witchpunks, and anyone who on any level appreciates what i am trying to do. But your mileage may vary.

olywitchcrew madrantings the-needle-witch criminal-in-tent


handbound witchpunk sigil booklets. the pages are re-purposed from boring new age books about angels. The pages were soaked in lemon juice and salt water and then toasted in my oven, folded, sewn together and then on each page i stenciled a sigil. I will be making several of these and they will be included in the kickstarter rewards for my pledgers. if you want one, send me a message. the-needle-witch curius-creature criminal-in-tent

Old Clothes

I had an old pair of corduroys I had, quite literally, worn through and was about to throw away. As I was about to, however, I was struck with a notion - here is all this perfectly good material, and thoroughly keyed to me after the years of being the only person wearing them! So, I cut off the legs, and cut out the back pockets.

What exactly am I going to do with this? I have no idea right now :P heh.. But I’m sure there will be a time when I’ll be ecstatic that I was forward thinking enough to have saved this material :D

DIY Spell Sachets for the Witch on a Budget

So this morning I made a spell sachet to keep in my purse for witchy reasons.  I am no good at crafts, suck at sewing, and have no money.  Here’s how I pulled it off:

You will need:

A piece of fabric big enough to cut two small squares from. Pick up from your local craft store (You may even be able to just ask for a sample and that should be enough), find something laying around the house from a previous abandoned project (like I did), or even just sacrifice a t-shirt that doesn’t fit anymore.

Needle and thread or your color preference (I chose white because I like the generality of it). If you live with your parents, you will definitely find this in your home, probably close to where the towels are kept.

Stuff to fill it with (In my case, fragrant herbs from teabags with some salt and a couple sigils)

Optional: Candle to cleanse and charge your materials.  I chose a blue candle that I found in the guest room.

Step 1: Cut out your squares, keeping in mind that when you’re done sewing them together they will be a bit smaller.  But you can eyeball it. 

Step 2: Thread your needle (I pulled my thread over the candle a couple times to charge it) and start sewing the squares together.  NOW, I have no sewing experience, so please don’t be horrified at my technique.  I sew in a continuous loop, in one side, out the other, over and over, until the side of the squares is closed.  You may need to tie it off at times to get more thread or if it knots, but just make a good solid knot, rethread the needle, and start again.  If it looks totally jenky, that’s fine.  Sew THREE of the sides, leave the fourth open.  It will look like this:

Step 3: Turn that sucking inside out.  I swear, it looks totally legit no matter how many times you had to rethread.


Step 4: Get your filling ready.  I used spearmint, peppermint, lavender, and linden flowers, all from tea bags with only those things in them.  They’re super easy to find at the grocery store (especially mint tea).  I also used sea salt, which is a bit more expensive to obtain but any salt works, I just used this because I was in my kitchen already and I like coarse salt for this kind of thing.

I also took a bit more of the fabric and wrote a couple sigils with a blue pen.  The first is my special sigil that I’ve been using for positive energy since I was about eight years old and the other is a newer one I use for mindfulness and being present.  I singed the edges slightly before putting them in to charge them (not pictured)

Pop it all in the bag, give it your intention (I actually whispered mine into the bag), and then fold over the remaining fabric and sew it closed, going over your first stitched a few times for good measure and tying off nice and tight.  And voila!

Spell sachet done!  It took me about a half hour to make, and cleanup was extremely easy.  It now sits happily in my purse, making it smell nice and giving my possessions a calm energy and a constant cleansing force.  Also the salt acts as a mild ward.

Other things you can put in spell sachets:

  • Any herbs you like!
  • Crystals!
  • Bones! 
  • Effigies or teeny statues!
  • Written spells or prayers!
  • Dried fruit! (as long as it’s really dry and won’t get moldy)
  • Essential oils!
  • Charcoal!

And feel free to change up the fabric/thread color to suit your needs!  You could even double seal it with wax if you like.  It’s super easy and very inconspicuous (if anyone asks, you can just say it’s potpourri), and a great way to get your witch on and make something all by yourself.

Have fun!


 Inventory of tarot decks donated …

to the UP the WPX Kickstarter Campaign….

Special thanks to the 3 wonderful people who helped put these decks in my hands. I may seem nitpicky about these decks, but i am actually super grateful and i will do everything i can to make sure they go to good homes.

Relationship Runes: A compass for the heart” By Ralph Blum. 

   The book seems okay, though I dont like how he changed the order of the runes. The “runes” that came with the book are plastic. Plastic runes are useless. I am not making this available to backers, unless for some reason one of them wants plastic runes, which i do NOT recommend. Its ridiculous that anyone would even make them.

“Tarot of Love” book and cards:

A bit new age for my style, but the art is good and the book is okay. I think its cute and funny that they changed “pentacles” to “nuggets”. A very gentle, basic, and easy deck which may be a good introduction to Tarot for someone who has never had a deck before. Many of the card names are changed: “death” into “transformation,” for example. Also, there is an extra card: #22 “soul mate”.  I like how there is use of reflective ink in the cards, which is a cool arty effect. I am definitely making this available to backers. 

The Dreamers Journal tarot and book by Barbara Moore

I am happy to make this available to backers. Since its not my style, I have no need to keep it for myself. Most of the art is photographic with a lot of live photo-shopped models. The book is colorful, detailed, and is about 211 pages long. It has a lot to do with self discovery through dream work.

The love Spell Book And cards by Gillian Kemp.

The cards are beautiful, colorful and interesting, but bear almost no resemblance to tarot.  There is a Venus, and Cupid card which seem to be the Major arcana?kind of thing? and then there are 4 suits which describe 4 types of love: true love, family love, forbidden love, and unrequited love. It not being structured as tarot…is not the problem.  i realized that the book has a lot of manipulative love spells in it, like “To Bewitch a lover” and “To Bind a Lover to you”. These spells include phrases like “ I bind you to me, You are mine, Without me, you will pine”. Coercive and Manipulative love magick is extremely unethical and basically amounts to overriding someones consent on a psychic level. I cannot send out an oracle/deck which promotes something like that.

Several Doreen Virtue decks:

1. Saints and Angels

2. Angel Therapy

3. Magical Messages from the Fairies

    I am not reviewing these three individually cause they are so similar. Doreen Virtue is a folk psychology motivational speaker  and a new age author. I dont really like new age anything, but maybe there is someone out there who would like these decks. These decks are very soothing and comforting to some people ( i guess), but if you want a deck that will give you solid information about real problems you are facing, these decks will probably not help you. Here is a rant from Robert of Edge of the Circle books, which perfectly summarizes how i feel about Doreen Virtue. 

That being said, Doreen is not a bad person and if any of my backers want these decks i will gladly send them out with their care packages. Also, these decks were given to me (i am grateful) and i intend to give them away cause i dont want them.

Goddess Knowledge Cards

by Susan S Boulet and Michael Babcock

I love love love these cards. This is some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen. My one complaint: Based on what I know about Hela, she represents being unflinching and unafraid in the face of death, ugliness, and decay. In this deck they cover up her dead side, which i disagree with. That being said…these are great cards. One card is missing but since this is not tarot-oriented, losing a card does not make this deck unfit for divination. I will totally make this deck available to backers.

Overall there are 6 decks/oracles that are available to my kickstarter backers. There are 2 that i dont really want to send out. If you want to ask any questions… just send me a message. 

Special thanks to the 3 wonderful people who helped put these decks in my hands. I may seem nitpicky about these decks, but i am actually super grateful and i will do everything i can to make sure they go to good homes.

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Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub


1 cup organic cane sugar (Love)
¼ cup olive oil (fruitfulness and security in love, family, and business)
2 Tablespoons raw honey (For attraction and solar magick.)
2 tsp dried rosemary (healing magick, purification)
15 drops lemon essential oil (remove unwanted negativity)
15 drops lavender essential oil (Healing, purification, love, protection)

Combine all ingredients and stir well. This scrub has a variety of magical uses, though I use it for an attraction glamour. Preform this spell however you feel is best. Lighting candles, calling gods/goddesses, draw sigils on the container, etc. Can even be used for Fae magick spells.

Drying out two lemons for a tincture! I will be distilling them in apple cider vinegar since they are both fruits and both so acidic.

Benefits include:
eliminates uric acid stored in joints, helping with arthritics pain.
boosts immune system
eases digestion
improves blood circulation
cleans liver
reduces cholesterol
has vitamins, folic acid, and more



My old temple! from 5-6 years ago before I moved. How time flies! I’ve always been a bit of a fort builder. I’ve never really grown out of it.

That room was at first a shallow closet, but I used a book shelf’s back to make a wall extension of sorts and hung a sparkly gossamer curtain. I also put up those shelves on the wall. The blue wall is actually star and galaxy themed and I put star maps up on the top. This photo appears to be before I bought a bigger altar.

Watch on

FROZEN SPELL : Winter Magick for Unlocking Manifestations ~ The White Witch Parlour

…Just burning some cinnamon with my sisters cuz we lit 🔥

did you all know that burning cinnamon is thought to enhance energy, #luck, #love, financial #abundance, #passion, #communication, #healing, #inspiration, #meditation, #purification, #spirituality, #wisdom, & #tranquility!? Talk about aromatherapy at its finest 🔮

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Hi sweeties, here Mayumi

I have some knowledge about wicca, magic, herbology etc. I’m thinking about create a Tumblr blog like encyclopedia - with guides, DIY tutorials, informations, inspirations. What do you think about?

Your opinion is very important for me, so I hope you will answer :)

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English, but I’m not a native speaker