Venus - putting the ‘nature’ back into 'natural beauty’!

We had the cute little floral dress (belonged to a barbie, maybe?); but I’m getting back into the groove & made the jewellery for her myself; & I sewed her the floral wreath headband (it didn’t photograph too well unfortunately).

I have to admit, I’m having a blast making things & putting together outfits with my daughter! Who says grown-ups can’t play with dolls?? :P

DIY: Healing Crystal Necklace 

The inner bohemian voice inside me had being going on and on to make myself a healing crystal necklace. Such a simple accessory, these quirky pendants go with so much - and are so easy to make 

  1. You’re going to need to get your hands on a drilled crystal piece - I got mine from this ebay seller, who has a great variety of crystals!
  2. With your wire, go through the drilled hole in the crystal and bend the wire across the flat surface at the top - do this with both ends, making sure there’s plenty of wire on each
  3. With a pair of round pliers, take one end of the wire and make a 90° angle upwards, then curve it back round to make a loop. Bring the end of this wire over the other edge of the crystal
  4. Using the second end to the wire, begin wrapping the loop several times to secure it in place, then bring the wire to the end of the flat surface
  5. Begin wrapping the remainder wire around the crystal, tightly, with your fingers until you’re happy with how the pendant looks
  6. Take your pliers and open up a loop on a chain, linking it onto to the loop you made on the crystal 
  7. And there you are! Your own Merlin-esque crystal necklace

Enjoy! x


Easy peasy DIY thigh chain.

I used elasticated lace, but you can use elastic, an old headband, a garter. As long as it’s elasticated and it’ll stay up, you’re good to go.

I will most likely be making these up to sell on eBay, so check out my page for this and other handmade jewellery.


DIY: Tassel Earrings

Tasseled jewellery seems to be all over the place at the moment, but there’s no real  point in splashing out on a pair of earrings or a statement necklace when you can make one simply at home. 

  1. Take your thread of choice and find a coaster or a square of cardboard to wrap the thread around. The longer the card, the lengthier the tassel will be so bare that in mind - same goes with the thickness, keep wrapping it until you’re happy
  2. Slide the loop of thread off of the card/coaster so that you have a large loop of thread
  3. Now take either a different thread (I chose a metallic gold) or the same, and wrap about 1-2cm down from one of the ends of the loop, and tie
  4. With the untied end, cut the loop to complete the tassel 
  5. To make a pair of earrings simply add a jump hoop and a pair of ear wires, or use your imagination to add the tassels to make different accessories