DIY Stim Toy Master Post, Part 3

Please see Parts One and Two for even more DIYs and tutorials!

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DIY Easy Chainmaille Jewelry with Extras

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own chainmaille bracelet or necklace using the 4 in 1 pattern. I have also included pictures afterwards of other chainmaille projects which I hope will further inspire you.

You will need jump rings, pliers and a lobster clasp. Jump rings from a local craft store are sufficient for jewelry. The size of the rings is really up to you and what’s easiest for you to work with. I did use 0.27 in (7mm) rings for this tutorial though.

Open one ring and slide four other rings onto the first. Close the first ring.

When you lay it out on a flat surface it should look like this:

To add to this pattern simply open another ring and slide it into the hole where two of the side rings overlap like a Venn Diagram. Add two more rings onto your open ring and then close it.

Repeat until you have reached a desired length. Finish with a single ring on each end. One of the ends will need to have a lobster clasp. And then you’re done. Unless you want to increase the width.

To increase the width add a ring through two top rings.

Next add two more rings to your open ring then close it.

To continue slip an open ring through 1 top most ring, and 2 rings a level below the top row.

Add a ring to the open ring and close it. Repeat along the entire length of your piece as many levels as desired. Then add a clasp of your choice.

Alternate Method:

Begin as before by slipping 4 rings onto 1 open ring. Close it. You should be at this stage again:

Next slip an open ring through the top 2 rings.

Add 2 rings then close it off. Repeat until desired length is reached.

Finish it as before with a lobster clasp. However, adding more rings is possible.

Slip an open ring through the mid level and bottom level rings.

Add 2 rings and close it.

Next, slip an open ring through the top most and 2 middle level rings.

Add 1 ring and close it. Repeat along entire length of piece and until desired width is achieved. Add desired clasp and you’re done.


Here are some examples of my finished work so you can get ideas of how finished pieces can look. Different patterns were used in some cases but you should be able to copy those patterns from the pictures if you so desire. If you have any questions let me know.


Queen of Hearts Necklace:

Sword Necklaces:

Trident Earrings:

Sword and helmet earrings with shield necklace:

Chainmaille is pretty versatile and won’t necessarily take up a huge amount of your time. You can also mix and match different patterns.

There are tons of free patterns online which are yielded easily enough through a search engine. Pinterest also has a few decent pictures and tutorials.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the extra pictures and that it was all helpful. If you have any questions please ask. =)

Also, much thanks to rubylis for reminding me that “jump rings” are typically sold in craft stores and not “o-rings” and that I should mention that the 4 in 1 pattern is usually done horizontally for jewelry (the “alternate method” in this tutorial).



Venus - putting the ‘nature’ back into 'natural beauty’!

We had the cute little floral dress (belonged to a barbie, maybe?); but I’m getting back into the groove & made the jewellery for her myself; & I sewed her the floral wreath headband (it didn’t photograph too well unfortunately).

I have to admit, I’m having a blast making things & putting together outfits with my daughter! Who says grown-ups can’t play with dolls?? :P