In my normal setup I use 2 4 track recorders to playback and layer numerous tape loops. For this video, I wanted to experiment and take this idea further by using a large ensemble of walkmans and various length tape loops. This improvised ambient walkman “symphony” is recorded in real time, with all tape loops being mixed and processed through a caline reverb pedal and behringer delay.


Made this as a gift for local musician Joe Preston, aka Thrones.  Univox Super Fuzz clone with etched enclosure.

My private stash of DIY Guitar Pedals.  None of these were kits (who can afford those anyway?), most are vero boards, several others are made from PCBs I designed myself.  From left to right:

Top Row:  Dan Armstrong Green Ringer, Triple Thing Modulator, John Hollis Flatline Compressor, Catalinbread Heliotrope, Rebote 2.5 Delay, Silicon Fuzz Face.

Middle Row:  Bazzfuss (with selectable clipping), Brian May Treble Booster, Zvex Wooly Mammoth, Devi Ever Soda Mieser, Phuncgnosis, Double Bazzfuss

Bottom Row: Noise 567, Big Muff (w/creamy dreamer mods) Bazz Fuss, Thing Modulator, Pushmepullyou, DOD 250 Overdrive.

Absent:  Univox Superfuzz, TS-808 Tube Screamer, copies of some of the above pedals (with different art).

Future Builds:  Mutron III, Maestro S/H, Proco Rat, Octavia, Harmonic Energizer, Sequencer-controlled VCF, Fuzz Factory.


A concoction of my own, I call it the Doom Face! It’s a COT50 (acting as a sort of pre gain/boost) going into a silicon Fuzz Face (Q1 - MPSA13 Darlington Q2 - BC108) that then goes into a Stratoblaster to push the amp input stage harder. Also put a rotary input tone cap switch on the FF to dial in extra low end and also more gain. Big caps all round for max low end. The result is a massive saturated wall of fuzz, perfect for dooming up!