The Beavis FuzzLab

This beast is seriously something else, imagine having it on your pedalboard! Honestly though, despite looking like something from the Bat Cave, this is an impressive machine. Designed by Dano of the Beavis Audio Research project, the FuzzLab takes guitar pedal design to the next level. There is a lot going on inside this machine, and the Beavis website talks about the circuitry in a fair amount of detail, so I will just throw the link up to that page instead of ranting on about it here.

                  Enjoy! -


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Check out the FuzzLab and other designs by Beavis Audio Research at


This is one of my favorite pedals, with artwork by Eric Drooker (Please don’t be mad Eric, I love your art, I have this same image on a PM Press T-shirt that I got from Bound Together Books, SF).  One of my favorite pedals yet, it never leaves my pedal board.  The name I picked for it was a joke (isn’t everything on here a joke?).  It was my first all black pedal and literally resembled a “black block…”


A concoction of my own, I call it the Doom Face! It’s a COT50 (acting as a sort of pre gain/boost) going into a silicon Fuzz Face (Q1 - MPSA13 Darlington Q2 - BC108) that then goes into a Stratoblaster to push the amp input stage harder. Also put a rotary input tone cap switch on the FF to dial in extra low end and also more gain. Big caps all round for max low end. The result is a massive saturated wall of fuzz, perfect for dooming up!


Made this as a gift for local musician Joe Preston, aka Thrones.  Univox Super Fuzz clone with etched enclosure.