I love floral crowns, but buying them can be really pricey (typically around $60-$80) and personally I’m too busy saving up for concert tickets to shell out that kind of cash! so here’s a little tutorial for you guys, overall the price is about $10-$15 and most of the materials used are common objects found around the house :) 

here’s what you need:

  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • silk flowers
  • scissors
  • optional: ribbon


  1. wrap a long piece of the floral wire around your head in a halo-like shape. trim the wire to your desired length. pull the 2 ends together and wrap with floral tape to make the base for your crown.
  2. begin attaching the silk flowers with floral tape. make sure to trim the flower stems/cut off any leaves you don’t want in your crown. do not cut the stem off completely, or the flower won’t stay attached. lay the flower parallel to the floral wire crown and wrap floral tape around the flower’s stem and the floral wire. do not use too much tape or your crown may get too thick and heavy, just enough to secure it to your crown.
  3. repeat this step until you run out of space &/or flowers. generally flowers go all the way around the crown but you can style it to your liking.
  4. optional: tie long pieces of ribbon to the back of your floral down to decorate it a bit more. you can put as much as you want or none at all. green or white ribbon tends to looks the best with floral crowns, but any color that matches your flowers will work

the best part about making a floral crown yourself is that you can style it anyway you want! I like to put big flowers near the front of the crown and reduce the size as they go towards the back. good luck, hope your flower crowns turn out to your liking :)

-Emma Catherine