Transparent wooden clutch DIY

Hello everybody!!!

Transparent clutches are starting to become more and more famous.So why not make one of your own?

To make this transparent clutch you will need:
-2 simple wooden picture frames or you can make your own frames and glue the glasses as I did.
-2 metal clasps
-a metal lock clasp
-a belt
-a hammer
-a drill
Good luck!!

If you don’t want your all of your things to be visible there is a tutorial in the end of the video that shows you how to make a smaller embroidery wallet.

We’re going to Big Hero 6 Wrap party tonight!  Soooo excited!!!!!  And this is our ensemble for tonight.

Griz is wearing her DIY tulle skirt, necklace from India, DIY personalized Baymax clutch, grey cardigan, with Ivory and Black Valentino Rockstud slingback.  

Norm is wearing J-Crew Ludlow suit with Aldo shoes.  



nbd just delivering some Hogwarts letters…

I started this project a long time ago. I believe that there is a post with the original envelope bag on this blog somewhere. This is a recreation of that. I was hoping to make it sturdier and more uniform. I didn’t quite succeed. The bag is still sort of misshapen and the clasp is out of place. 

All I really need to do is just make a mock up and fool around with it until I get it right. I keep spending a lot of time embroidering all the writing and then assembling it and realizing that if I take it apart it will just be ruined. 

But for now this little cutie will do. I am debating on adding straps. I like the idea that it is a clutch… it is more like an envelope that way.


Revive Your Clutch DIY Project

Really simple DIY project & perfect way to revive your basic clutch!

1. Use gold metallic spray paint (If you prefer another color, go for it!)

2. Tape off the width of the section you want spraypainted.

3. Depending on the pigment of the spray paint and the material of your clutch, you will need to use one to two coats.

4. Let it dry overnight just to be safe!