D.I.Y.  Emoji Clutch 

Obsessed with emoji?

Then this D.I.Y. project is for you! Check out this tutorial to see how to create your very own emoji inspired clutch. ツ


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duct tape & cookie box clutch


  • Red duct tape
  • Small cardboard box
  • Embellishment
  • Scissors

Estimated time: 1 hr/Estimated cost: >$5

    Cut box to desired size

    deconstruct box

    cover all sides in duct tape

    duct tape box back together 

    use extra cardboard to make the “flap” of the bag

    attach flap

    use velcro (with stick back) as clasp

    hot glue any embellishment

    Revive Your Clutch DIY Project

    Really simple DIY project & perfect way to revive your basic clutch!

    1. Use gold metallic spray paint (If you prefer another color, go for it!)

    2. Tape off the width of the section you want spraypainted.

    3. Depending on the pigment of the spray paint and the material of your clutch, you will need to use one to two coats.

    4. Let it dry overnight just to be safe!