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There Is A Jar & Planning Tea Time

Tale-Teller Heart and Drawin Wolf play each other’s songs in a blanket fort because life is too short to not live in one.


There Is a Jar That Holds The Things I Love - Tale-Teller Heart

I’m releasing a demo soon so be on the lookout! This is gonna be on it :D


My “mock tent”! 

The A-frame is made from dollar store bamboo poles. The canvas is a drop cloth (the kind that is used for painting rooms), that I spaced grommets along. It fastens to the frame using ribbon ties. The “door” drapery is a pair of thrifted sarongs. The whole thing fits neatly over my anachronistic looking 1-person tent! 

Style points for the wind chime “doorbell”/noise trap, welcome mat, and LED lantern (plastic, because our game doesn’t allow for glass ones).

I’m really pleased with and proud of how this turned out! 


Dreampipe Vermin covering Railyard ghost’s Pop Song

Check them out if you get a chance they’re such lovely folks who write/play beautiful music