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DIY weaving items by handmakersfactory

this melbourne, australia-based etsy shop has a ton of fun DIY project-related items, great for crafters and handmakers alike! check out this pair of weaving finds: a mini weaving loom kit for do-it-yourselfers, plus a collection of naturally-dyed weaver’s yarn! pretty.

ravenpocky  asked:

Do you have anything for cute crochet animals? Like plushies or something?

Any animals in particular?

DIY Dumpling Kitty

DIY Newborn Guinea Pigs

DIY Little Blue Lobster

DIY Little Yellow Duck

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Ever wanted to learn how to spin yarn with out a spinning wheel? great! … because humans figured it out before spinning wheels were invented! 

Drop Spinning!!!! 

When I was in college I started being a foster mom for angora rabbits for just the winters. I knew I wanted to try making yarn with their fluff. I looked into a spinning wheel but that totally wasn’t an option at the time due to space and school loans! After going to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival I picked up drop spinning and bought a simple bottom whorl and practiced and practiced. With the help of some library books and the internet I was a spinning master! (ok not master.. )  it was so soothing to just pick up and create something when I came home after class or just while watching tv. 

So now I’ve decided to make a kit for beginners who want to try drop spinning for the first time.. or maybe you just want a really hip drop spindle.

check em out here! 


Quick crochet tip for sewing in loose ends so that they are invisible and secure!



Discover How to Crochet A Giant Circular Rug


Here’s a bag that I finished during Thanksgiving day! I like to call it an adventure sack with a drawstring and single strap that you can wear over the shoulder or across the body. I worked it in two colors, oatmeal and wheat. I crocheted the base up to 9 inches in diameter, the bag itself is about 15 inches tall, and the strap is like 18 inches down. The bag is pretty voluminous and can fit a lot of stuff. Use it or traveling, use it for school, or you can just use it casually.