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Hi. Do you know good tutorials for cat themed objects? Thank you

Hey there!

Check out my #cat tag from my tag page for more cat themed tutorials!

DIY Neko Atsume Cookies

For the sweetest kitties.

DIY Cat Ring

If you’re into colour, definitely take some nail polish to the wire.

DIY Cat Beanie

NO SEW!! How exciting is that?

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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So I’m not sure about you all, but I always get bored within a couple of weeks of summer break! So I’ve basically compiled a bunch of really awesome videos I found on youtube (not gonna lie, LaurDIY was super helpful with this) and almost all of them are pretty reasonably priced, and you can make a bunch of cool stuff(:

EDIT: If any DIYS have a * on them, it just means that It’s a new thing I added(:

If you do try any of it out, be sure to submit me the pictures so I can see!


DIY Caged Back Bandeau

DIY Lace Crop Top

DIY Choker Necklaces

DIY Body Chain

DIY Hair Bows

DIY Bow Back Tops

DIY Studded Shoes

DIY Wire Rings

DIY Flower Sunglasses

DIY Glitter Wall Art

DIY Chain Headband*

DIY Lace Trim Shorts

DIY Body Butter

DIY Beanies

DIY Tribal Print Shoes

DIY Cut Out Shirts

DIY Ombre Shorts

DIY Chokers

DIY Moleskin Notebook Covers*

DIY Heart Shorts*

DIY Brandy Melville Inspired Sign

DIY Head Chain and Flower Headband

DIY Skater Skirt

DIY Lush Bath Bomb

DIY Makeup Organizer

DIY Scrabble Pillows

DIY Floral Fabric Shorts

DIY “Sparkle Balls”

DIY Light Up Headboard

DIY Tie Dye Sundress

DIY Iridescent Shoes

DIY Solid Perfume

DIY Kimono

DIY Tie Dye Bikini

DIY Strap Back Bra

DIY Crop Tops

DIY Bath Jellies

DIY Crayon Lipstick

DIY Ombre Shoes

DIY Beach Bags

DIY Marble Nails

DIY Vanity Lights

DIY Glue Rings

DIY Peter Pan Collars

DIY Boyfriend Cuddle Pillow

DIY Half Bleached Stud Shorts

DIY Lotion Bars

Swirled-All-Around Wire Rings

I was practicing the basics of making wire jewelry when I came up with the idea of making this ring. When I made the first ring it looked sooo cute that couldn’t wait to share how I made it. Making swirly patterns with wire is so easy and fun.

This ible will show you how to make many swirls with a single wire and finally turn it into a cute swirly ring!

12 Favorite DIY Rings. Part 1. Annual Gift Guide 2014. There are DIY rings for every skill level and price range - from cheap and easy wire rings to a “cold enamel” ring (#12). *For the 2013 Gift Guide of 18 DIY Rings go here. For the 2012 DIY Gift Guide of 18 DIY Rings go here

DIY Snow Globe Ring from Henry Happened.

External image

DIY Nail Polish Ring from Ice Frost Beauty Diary.

External image

DIY Stitched Air Dry Clay Ring from Little Button Diaries.

External image

DIY Double Pearl Ring from Honestly WTF.

External image

DIY Easy Leather Ring from Lana Red.

External image

DIY Superhero Shrink Plastic Ring Tutorial and Templates from Glitter Mint.

External image

DIY Chanel Button Ring from Stripes & Sequins.

External image

DIY Easy Wire Wrapped Jewel Ring from Jewelry from Home.

External image

DIY Antrhopologie Knockoff Wire Double Pearl Ring Tutorial from Swellmayde.

External image

DIY Stamping on Shrink Plastic Tutorial from Craft and Creativity.

External image

DIY Easy Wire Circle Ring Tutorial from Emerging Creatively Tutorials. Excellent tutorial for beginners.

External image

DIY Gold Enamelled Ring Tutorial from Fall for DIY.

External image

Twin Hearts Wire Wrapped Ring

A few days back I published this ible for a Valentine’s Day Heartbeat necklace and all you amazing people loved it. Thank you so much. Since then the idea of making hearts using wires got stuck in my mind and today I came up with this beautiful wire ring which I call “Twin Hearts Ring”. I think it will be a wonderful companion to the Heartbeat necklace.

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Hi Do you have any quick and easy crafts for a boring weekend?

Here are some simple DIY projects:

DIY Hot Pan Holder | Untrendy Life

Easy craft that will definitely come in hand if you cook often! Having to always look for the oven mitt while cooking can be annoying, this way you don’t have to. 

DIY Seed Bombs | Project Wedding

Not only is this craft easy, but it would be a great gift for any gardener. Fill the sack with any seeds you like inducing flowers, herbs, vegetables, and more. Also a great craft for May Day.

DIY Wire Bead Rings | lebenslustiger

Cute, easy rings made from beads. Make for fun or even make for a gift!

For more easy DIY projects click here.