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taylor sapphirestump’s i needed to do something to feel productive masterpost, seven ish hours after finally giving in to the anons asking for a second one !! have fun kids ok, remember to tag this as food and bookmark for rainy days !!

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“Thank God for people that remain kind even when the world is not kind with them” - unknown // Made this while on a 12 hour turbulent flight home using my trackpad (lol, what’s new hahah). The background photo was taken at the Queen Elizabeth park in Vancouver.

(Hello!!!! I’m alive and back home! That means that I FINALLY HAVE TIME TO ART AGAIN, YAY! Watch out for new things!)


“It’s all Hallows Eve.
The moon is full.
Will she trick or treat?
I bet she will.”

I made a Black No. 1 inspired necklace and earring set because I love the Bloody Kisses album so much. I decided to rifle through my spare jewelry bits a couple days ago and opted to paint a tiny Peter Steele. 

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Has Your Hair Been Acting Shady?

Mine definitely has in these past few weeks. Living in the northeast ain’t a joke and we have to stay on these season changes maneeee.

One thing I used to always do at the beginning of each season (and clearly I’ve been slacking) was doing a simple DIY protein treatment on my hair. Why? Simple. With new weather, there are new elements your hair has to battle. Now that it’s getting colder, let me help you with keeping you hair (relaxed and natural) together. You don’t have to wait till the weather changes to do this either; if you’re experiencing flimsy curls or suffering from damaged hair, do this once a month for 3 months max. Too much protein can cause breakage and you don’t want that. I don’t want that for y’all. 

Alright, this DIY is simple and cheap because you own these items already! video tut to follow my loves. PROMISE! 

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I really hope we get to see Nick’s family or flashbacks to his childhood or something in the sequel. I have so many questions!

  •  Did he grow up in the suburbs or the city? 
  • How did his parents deal with being unblooded and raising their precious orc children around so many humans? 
  • Did Nick have any friends? 
  • Does he have siblings? 
  • Did he CHOOSE to have his teeth filed down or did his parents do it when he was young? 
    • What lead to the decision? 
    • Is it painful to file them? 
    • Is that a medical procedure or a DIY type deal? 
  • What jobs do his parents have? 
  • Are they proud of Nick being a cop? 
  • How did people who grew up with him respond to him getting on the force?


Deep Blue Bath Tub

Author: Admin V

Character(s): Taehyung (BTS)/ Reader

Word Count: 2,167

Summary: You love bath bombs, Tae loves bath bombs, this is gonna go swimmingly.

Honestly, you were a bit disappointed. Here it was your one year anniversary tomorrow and you didn’t have anything prepared. Sure, you could cook up his favorite meal, but you could do that any day of the week so what made it special? 

You looked at the clock, Taehyung would be home in 4 hours and the two of you would eat, watch some show on the TV, play a video game - in which he would let you win because truthfully you sucked at games, and go off to bed. Then you would wake up and knowing him, he would have some illustrious thing planned that’ll probably take all day and then, nothing. 

Hoping for some last minute inspiration you looked to YouTube, typed in DIY and got to work.

Taehyung walked through the door at exactly 7pm like clockwork. “Baby~” You could hear him kicking his shoes off and it was a matter of seconds until you were engulfed in a hug. “What on earth did you do all day?” He eyed the pile of dishes in the sink. Usually, you weren’t so messy, but this last minute plan had left a trail behind you. 

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Pretty Girl’s Guide: Back To School

Obviously, the title isn’t selective. Any girl can follow these tips and tricks to help them get through the school year. 

These are tips I’ve learned to try and trick myself into a better working student. Some might work for you and some might not. Basically, these tips are mostly just psychological. They make you want to work harder throughout the year.

  • Tip 1: Make Your Hands Look Pretty ❤︎
    This might seem like a “What the hell?!?!” moment, but its simple. Make your dominant hand (the one you write with) more appealing to you.
    Paint your nails. It adds a pop of color on top of the white paper you’re working on. Make it look pretty by adding a little glitter on the ring finger or just add a simple design. Just don’t make it really distracting. (Friendly Reminder: Unless you are about to get engaged, you can totally do a at home coat. No need to go to a salon and blow money on gel nail polish. Or if you’re into that, you can totally get a gel knock off at a drugstore.)
    Wear a ring or two. This makes your working hands look super dainty. So while you’re working, the pretty(-ness) can make you super into what you’re working on. Make sure the ring has a thin band so that you would still be comfortable while writing. ( Any kind of jewelry is good like a bracelet, for example, however you also have to remember to stay comfortable. A bracelet might get in your way while you are being productive.)
  • Tip 2: Pamper Yourself ❤︎
    This would be perfect on Sunday evening. That would be the time when you are dreading the week ahead. Make it the time where you get ready for the week. 
    Put on a face mask. If you’re not allergic or have an unusual fear of it, I totally recommend it. You don’t have to have one of those fancy, expensive ones. You can totally hit up a drugstore and pick up cheep one. I highly recommend a clay or mud mask that come in a tube or tub because those babies last a good amount of time for what they’re worth.
    Get CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Honestly, during such a full week, you can forget to clean your ears or deep scrub your skin or even shave. Do all of that at this time. Not only is it satisfying, it’s just plain hygiene. It will be like pressing restart on your body to get set for the week filled of nastiness. You can also use this time to change you’re chipped up nail polish (Try something new) 
    Run a bath. You might not be a bath person but you have potential. They are relaxing if you make them worth while. All you have to do is run some water and put in bath soap or a bath bomb.(By the way, you can totally run to Target and get a cheap one. We’re not at all as rich as Bill Gates. Also, this is just to get you settle down. Lush, who?)
  • Tip 3: Make Those School Supplies Shine ❤︎
    I am not saying to drown you’re pens and notebooks in glitter. I’m saying to design you’re school supplies so that you would actually want to use them.
    Glitter. Take some Modge Podge (or straight up glue). Then make it rain. You can add little designs with help of tape. Its honestly so easy.
    Washi tape. Yea washi tape can get expensive, but you don’t need twenty different kinds. Just get one cute roll and put it on everything. (Side Tip: add this to charger cables and writing utensils. No one can steal them now.)
    Just buy ‘em. There is nothing stopping you from getting a cute notebook (Just remember to write in it). If you’re not the DIY type then make your heart burn as you buy the notebook that is $1 more expensive. As long as it keeps you motivated through out the school year. Don’t splurge often though. Just remember that you do have 6-8 classes.
  • Leftover Tips ❤︎
    Tip 5: Make sure you make a friend in each class. Not only will they help you get through the hour, but you guys can have some kind of symbiotic relationship by helping each other with homework.
    Tip 6: If you feel like taking a nap, TAKE A NAP. This goes for when you get home from school not actually at school (Its not really worth a detention.) You’re going to feel tired and exhausted. That makes you totally human. You just have to reenergized and sometimes coffee isn’t going to be the healthiest option, especially after the 5 hours of sleep you had the previous night.
    Tip 7: Kind of a continuation of Tip 6. Get 8 hours of sleep. Trust me the math equations and the new vocabulary is going to stick with these precious hours. You can even sleep for a longer amount of time if you want. Just don’t sleep through you’re alarm in the morning. Us beauties need our beauty sleep.
    Tip 8: Set a time for binge watching and relaxing. Your Saturdays (Sundays) have to be Saturdays (Sundays). No one can judge you for wanting to get you’re mind off of school work. You need to relax.

Hope these were lots of help. These tips would really help with getting a good kickstart. Making this a habit throughout the school year would also be great. 

-     ultimate-felicity   ❤︎


Work Smart Show daily blog.

Now please don’t think I am scared of or anti-technology, in fact it both amazes and frustrates me. I am far from a Luddite taking to a computer with a hammer, well sometimes, but there are some parts of technology that I could do without. I am talking specifically about the auto likes, auto followers and auto DM’s on Twitter.

Almost every time I post an article or daily blog I will receive a notification a second later telling me that someone has liked, retweeted or commented on this. Now please don’t think I am bragging in fact it is quite the opposite; this will be a company targeting a keyword that I have used such as ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘business’. At first I would follow the account because of their like but very quickly stopped when I understood their tactic. They are trying to illicit a human response, a like or follow, with a system set to auto-pilot.

The other example of is auto DM’s when you follow someone. I have read the auto DM’s of three people. Only three of the 1,810 people that I currently follow. When I receive a DM stating “XX person sent you a link” I don’t even open the message. To have people open and respond to your DM’s you need to respect them, their time, needs and wants. Almost no one on twitter wants a link to your site, training course or sure fire way of earning an income at home. Also if you have set up your profile correctly the follower would have already seen this information and links in your bio.

Now let me tell you about the three that I did open and respond to even though I knew they were auto DM’s. The first was when I followed @begosite and received the message “Are you the DIY type of person, or would you rather someone else do things for you?” There was no link, no promotional material even though this is an account for a DIY website builder. This lead to a very interesting DM conversation about outsourcing and what work as an entrepreneur or business you could or would outsource. It also lead me to follow all of the accounts linked to this; @bruceandeddy and @butchewing and receive a similar auto DM; “Would you rather see us as giant corporation or small business?”

Now aside from being another interesting topic for a blog post some other day these accounts went to the time of posing an interesting auto DM question, then taking time to converse in depth once I answered instead of spamming me with promotional material that I would resent.

I have said on the Work Smart Show podcast that I don’t mind advertising if it is interesting and relevant to me and in the same way I don’t mind auto DM’s as long as they are engaging and not self-promoting.

So I give you this challenge; do you have a auto DM? Is it engaging or simply more of your site and contact details? Take time today to work this into an engaging question and then answer the responses. What have you got to lose? After all have you honestly ever made a sale, gained a listener or fan through an auto DM?

DIY and Wands

Title: DIY and Wands

Author: @lovelittlelives

Prompt: one of them breaks their wand

Description: Ron vs DIY ends very badly

Rating: teen

Warning: contains innuendo and adult humour

Hermione was supposed to be working. Supposed to be. In reality, she sat at the kitchen table trying to read the first part in a long roll of parchment. She had read the first paragraph numerous times but still the words remained just a jumble of letters on a page. She sighed, grasping her wand and pointing it towards the kettle on top of the Aga. As instructed the kettle travelled over to the sink where the tap turned itself on and began to fill the kettle. A flick of the wrist and the kettle retreated back to the hob and began to slowly bubble.

She had already had coffee today, and was meant to be cutting down but the balance of work, an eight-month-old baby and a three-year-old sometimes meant an extra dose was needed to get through the day. She just couldn’t concentrate. Hugo was napping in his pram in the next door living room, Rose was in her bedroom- she was determined to make her dolls dance around like Daddy had – and Ron was attempting, much to her dread, muggle DIY – the type her Dad had thought was a good idea to show him. Nails, wood and power tools, Ron knew nothing about the way they worked and she was just waiting for an accident to happen. At least, she thought, standing up to go to the now squealing kettle, if he hurt himself they wouldn’t need a trip to A&E like that time when a little boy had bitten her father, or the time Rose had a high fever and her parents had waited with her in the local hospital for four hours to be seen.

She almost dropped the kettle.

“Bloody Voldemort’s balls!”

Ron yelled from up the stairs, a torrent of swear words followed so fast she couldn’t make them out. Hermione sighed once more, putting the kettle back on the ring and heading for the stairs pausing only to grab her wand.

The front facing bedroom looked like a display in Ikea -  a display gone very wrong. There were bits if wood placed around the room, some with other planks attached at odd angles. There were packs of screws open and laid on the carpet along with a number of tools Ron had borrowed from her Dad.

Ron stood hunched, leaning against the wall next to his half-built bookcase. His hands were thrust between his thighs and his face had turned pale. The hammer lay at his feet, clearly the perpetrator of the crime.

“what did you do?”

She asked her husband, going to remove his hand from its vice grip and check for any serious injuries. He shook his head, struggling to speak he managed to blurt out,

“It wasn’t my hand, it was-,”

Before he could finish his sentence, Hermione had caught on. He wasn’t putting pressure on his hands, he was using them to put pressure on something else between his legs. She burst out laughing, unable to control herself, only Ron could manage this with simple DIY.

When eventually she noticed his glare, she managed to bite her bottom lip hard enough to prevent any more laughter from spilling out.

“It’s not funny,” He muttered, walking over to the bed bottom of his stepladder looking like a cowboy,

“It’s bloody sore!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Hermione composed herself,

“well you better let me take a look.”

Ron looked alarmed, his eyes jutting to the bedroom door across the landing and back,

“Rose is too busy playing, she’d have already came to see what the fuss was about if she noticed. Now, jeans off or I’ll take them off myself.”

She expected some sort of sexual advance in response but none came. He really must be in pain then.

He slowly unbuckled his jeans, sliding them down his legs with the greatest care, wincing as he did so. She knew this was a gentle operation, even tried to warm her hands before making things worse. She was just reaching for the waist band of his boxers when,


They both froze, eyes snapping to the door where Rose stood, one pigtail hanging out and holding a drawing in one hand. She had cocked her head to one side, trying her best to suss out the situation.

“What’s wrong with Daddy? Has he got a sore bit? Do you need a plaster Daddy?”

Hermione, coming to her senses stepped away from her husband and took her daughter by the shoulder, slowly ushering her away while Ron hastily, but carefully, tried to re-dress himself.

“Daddy hasn’t got a sore bit love, he’s ugh,”

She glanced over her shoulder, speaking to Rose but directing the comment at Ron,

“He’s just broken his wand.”