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Because who doesn’t love watermelon, specially on shorts! I had an absolute blast putting this tutorial together. These shorts are perfect for any music festival, because as we all know, anything goes at these events. I found a dope pair of watermelon shorts on, but I figured I would just make my own for a fraction of the price. $85 vs. $15 bucks, I’ll take the DIY version any day. 


  • High waisted shorts 
  • Green Fabric Paint
  • Black Fabric Paint
  • White Fabric Paint
  • Fuchsia Rit Fabric Dye
  • Paint Brushes
  • Bucket 


1) Begin by prepping your bucket with hot water over a sink or outdoor surface. 

2) Follow the instructions on the Rit fabric dye package label and dye your shorts accordingly.

3) After your shorts have been dyed, washed, and dried, you can begin by painting the green bottom trim of your shorts. I would begin by finishing the front of your shorts, allow to dry, then move onto the back. 

4) Now move onto your black fabric paint and begin to paint round watermelon seeds throughout your shorts. Allow to dry. 

5) Once your green trim and black seeds are dry, finish off by painting the top of the trim with your white fabric paint. Allow to dry, and you’re set! 

XOXO - Drea 

PS. Please allow the shorts 72 hours to dry before putting them through the wash. 

PSS. You can apply this tutorial and make strawberry shorts instead too! Just substitute the fuchsia dye with red fabric dye. 



Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you want to show your friends how much you love them here’s the perfect gift – a wire heart necklace or bracelet.

You need:

Pliers, a chain, a clasp, 2 jump rings, jewelry wire (don’t use anything thinner than 20g), a pencil or pen, scissors, and strong glue (E-6000 is good).


First, you’ll need to make a wire “rope”:

Cut 1 foot of wire. Fold it in half, using a pencil or pen to make a point.

First, you’ll make a straight wire “rope”. Hold the ends of the wire with the pliers, then twist the wire with the pencil. Keep twisting until you get a tight spiral, like in picture 4.

Slide the pencil off the wire, and cut off the loop. It should look like a rope of wire.

Now, let’s create the heart:

Fold the “rope” in half, making a V-shape (picture 4). This will be the top V on the heart.

Place your pencil on the outside of the V. Loop the wire towards you to create one of the rounded tops of the heart. Flip, and do the same on the other side (picture 5).

Bring the ends of the wire together to make a point. Glue them together. Let dry. (picture 6)

Finally, add the chain:

Grab your chain and cut it into two equal lengths. With a jump ring, attach a piece of chain to each side of the heart (picture 7).

Attach the clasp onto the chain to finish.

That’s it!

One you get the hang of the wire twisting and shaping technique, you can make all kinds of shapes.

Source : Wambie & Quiet Lion Creations


“Especial Dia de San Valentin”

Bueno hoy hay un superdupermega especial de tutoriales de San valentin, este lo encontre muy hermoso ya que se inspiro en una boda y es muy simple de hacer, aqui vamos!

Materiales (para hacer una gigantesca rosa):
• 1 Rollo de cinta floral 
• 6 de calibre 18 alambre tallo floral (puede encontrar aquí ) 
• 4 hojas de papel crepé Doublette de pétalos (se puede encontrar aquí  - la crepe doublette es de $ 2.50 por hoja y cada hoja de las medidas de 10 
x 49 pulgadas) 
• 1 hoja de papel crepé Doublette en verde para las hojas, cáliz, el tallo 
• 1 ronda lápiz 
• Pegamento Craft (utilizamos este tipo ) 
• plantillas de papel crepé (descarga de Martha Stewart ) 
• 3 copias de la plantilla de lágrima 
• 8 copias de la plantilla en forma de corazón 
• 2 copias de la plantilla de la hoja 
• 1 copia de la plantilla del cáliz

Paso 1: Cortar los pétalos (Cortar 5-6 pétalos de lágrima y 15-6 pétalos en forma de corazón del papel crepé de color de los pétalos.)

MUY IMPORTANTE:  Papel crepé es direccional por lo que es importante que la manera usted está cortando el papel.Asegúrese de que el grano es vertical cuando estás cortando las piezas florales.

Pila 2 pedazos de papel crepé en la parte superior de uno al otro y luego colocar 1 copia de plantilla sobre el papel crepé y de primera necesidad. No recomiendo cortar más de 2 capas de papel crepé en un momento dado que los bordes no se cortan lo más limpiamente.

Paso 2: Cortar las hojas + cáliz (Cortar 3 hojas y 1 cáliz del papel crepé verde.)

Paso 3: Hacer que el tallo de la rosa (Tome 3 piezas de alambre tallo y envuelva en cinta floral.)

Paso 4: Forma de los pétalos Con ambas manos, tire del centro de los pétalos hacia el exterior. Esto creará una catación del papel (que es lo que le da la calidad de pétalo) Gire pétalo y use el lápiz redondo para rizar la parte superior de los pétalos.

Paso 5: Crear el capullo de rosa - la parte interna de la rosa (Tome una forma de lágrima pétalo y envolver el alambre floral grabado desde el paso 3. Use cinta adhesiva para asegurar más floral. Repita su forma de trabajo alrededor del alambre floral hasta que todos los pétalos en forma de lágrima son uso.)

Paso 6: Haga la rosa flor-la parte externa de la rosa (Tome una forma de corazón de pétalos y envolver alrededor de la yema Rosa, asegure con cinta floral. Repita hasta que se hayan utilizado todos los pétalos.)

Paso 7: Hacer la hoja-se deriva (Tome 3 piezas sueltas de alambre floral y el uso de pegamento, envolver cada uno con papel crepé verde. Tome una hoja y 1 papel crepé envuelto alambre floral a partir del paso 10 y la cola juntos. Repite 2 veces más)

Paso 8: Agregar cáliz de rosa (Envuelva el cáliz en la base de la floración de la rosa y asegurar con cinta floral.) Cubra el área con cinta floral más papel crepé.

Paso 9: Agregar hojas tallos de rosa (El uso de pegamento, fije cada una de las 3 hojas-tallos al tallo de la rosa. Me pareció útil el uso de clips de la carpeta para sostener los tallos juntos mientras el pegamento se estaba secando.)

Y ahí lo tienes! Puede ser que tome un poco de tiempo, pero una gran (y bastante impresionante) como alternativa a las flores de verdad para su ramo - además de que puede mantener estos siempre!

by: greenweddingshoes



This heart hairstyle is so pretty and very easy to do!

You just need a curling iron, some small hair ties, and a few bobby pins.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Curl your hair with the curling iron to give your hair a romantic look. You can also leave it in braids overnight too.

Step 2: Put your hair half up. Then, divide it in two to create two small ponytails near each other.

Step 3: Grab the right ponytail. Twist it downwards, then put a bobby pin in the base of it to secure it.

Step 4: With the same ponytail, take it up and over (look at the picture labeled 4 to see how). This will make the top section of the heart. Keep twisting it in that same direction.

Step 5: Put bobby pins at the three places shown in picture 5.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 – 5 with the left ponytail.

Step 7: Secure the bottom point of the heart with an extra bobby pin or two to make sure it stays in place.

Source: thebeautydepartment & Wambie

i really didn’t know how to follow up that whole beer / wine table post, so i thought to myself, “self? what do people who drink beer and / or wine do?” and the answer was : who the hell knows. but these are cute. and i want one. see kate sew has made a clutch that i would absolutely carry around, and i would be proud to answer “it was meeeeeeeeee!” when i get out of the elevator because i can’t tell a lie!


How to Make Easter Bunny Softies From Socks (handicraft instruction)

Instead of giving chocolate this Easter, get crafty and make these adorable rabbits from little socks. Soft toys made from socks are fairly quick to make and don’t require a lot of sewing. What are you waiting for? Hop to it.

GET INSTRUCTION: Try it yourself!

Send us your bunnies! 🐰🎀


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DIY - Layer Up Head Chain 

Every year at Coachella I suffer with the same dilemma, no electricity at the campsites means no hair straightener! I wanted to create a hair accessory that would accommodate my hair situation for this upcoming weekend. This lovely layered chain provides some bedazzle to an otherwise boring bun. 


  • 3-4 Different Types of Chains
  • 2 Small Jump rings
  • 2 Metal Cord Tips 
  • 2 Thick Bobby Pins 
  • E - 6000 Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pliers 

1. Begin my setting up the template of how you want your chains to layer down. Using your measuring tape, measure each chain one inch longer as you layer down, and trim. I started with 8 inches, then 9, 10, and finally the rhinestone chain at 11 inches long. 

2. Next, take one of your jump rings and begin to insert the chains in the order of your template. Repeat with opposite end of your chains. Then using your pliers close off hoop. 

3. Now that you have a semi looking necklace, take one of your bobby pins and insert the jump hoop through it. Repeat this with second bobby pin on opposite end. 

4. Now taking one of your metal cord tips, secure around the bobby pin and close shut. This will secure the chain in place. Repeat with opposite bobby pin and you are all done. 

XOXO - Drea