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As my personal grimoire here has grown, I finally felt it was time to begin compiling posts from amazing witches into lists for people to use as references in their own learning (None of this information is my own, I just feel that it needs to be shared).

So here is my current list of posts relating to the magickal properties and uses of herbs, this is an ever growing list so check back to see if there have been any additions or send me a message if you find a post that you think should be on the list and don’t forget to follow the people who originally posted these amazing information sheet, they really deserve your support.

General Information
 List of Herbs and their Uses
 How to use Herbs
 Witch’s Garden
 The Magick of Rosemary
 The Magick of Cloves
 Herbalist Symbols
 Sabbat Herbs + Incense
 Herbal Incense

☽  Mini herb storage
 How to Store Magickal Herbs
 How to Dry Magickal Herbs

Magickal Associations
☽  Herbs Associated with the Dead
 Herbs in Rituals
 Banishing Herbs

Kitchen Witchery
☽  Kitchen Herbs
 Elder Flower Syrup
 DIY Salves

 Sleep Tight Sachet

☽  Herbal Tea Baths
 Herbal Bath
 Purification Bath

☽  Herbal Teas
 Calm Anxiety Tea
 Good Day Tea
 Witch’s Brew - Tea Recipes
 Herbal Tea Remedies
 Evening Tea

I will be gradually expanding this list as I find more useful information, I hope this helps someone, I am certainly using all of this information.

Don’t forget to follow the original posters, they post some great information.


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Goth DIY - Ripped Tights and Sleeves | Toxic Tears

Hi guys! Here’s a super easy way to make even the most simple outfit more goth! Works for girls and guys! I’ve shown how easily it works for girls, and its totally the same concept for guys, even if you’re not into looking feminine, just use a pair of ripped tights as sleeves under your t-shirt and it adds some interesting texture to take your outfit up a notch!


Diy stress balls! These are a very common diy, and super easy to make. Also I find that these are so common/well known, you’re not likely to get any looks if you have one in public.

Possible fillings: 

  • sand (regular or kinetic)
  • slime
  • playdough or other dough
  • beads
  • orbeez
  • marbles
  • rice
  • cornstarch or flour
  • dry beans


  • put whatever you’re filling your balloon with in an empty plastic bottle and use it to squeeze it into the balloon. It’s much easier than trying to force things through a funnel!
  • layer up on balloons to prevent leaks, and makes sure your knots are good and tight!

So many layers! Two pairs of tights and three shirts. Top shirt from TJ Maxx and destroyed by me, other shirts from Rue 21, Lip Service shorts thrifted, tights attacked with a pair of scissors, boots were a gift. I bought a crimper and learned it takes an hour to do all of my hair and I’m not used to it being this fluffy.