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Tutorial Thursday!

Sailor Moon Tiara Tutorial - Part 1

Supplies Needed

  1. Craft Foam
  2. Heat Gun (or blow dryer)
  3. Contact Cement (or hot glue gun, or any other adhesive you prefer)
  4. Scissors
  5. Wood Glue
  6. Paper and Pen
  7. Mannequin Head (or other spherical/cylindrical object)

Step 1:
Placing the paper on your forehead, trace with the pen where you’d like your tiara to go. Only one side is necessary. Clean up the lines, fold the paper in half, and cut out your template.

Step 2:
Now that your template is made, trace it twice onto your craft foam. Once for the main tiara and once for the edging. On the edging template, draw out where the edges will go.

Step 3:
Cut out the main tiara and the edges. Glue the edging along the edges of the tiara and let dry. Using the heat gun (or blow dryer), warm up your foam and pin it to your mannequin (or other object).

Step 4:
While it’s cooling, take this time to brush on a layer of wood glue, making sure to get in all the cracks and edges and holes. Let this dry before adding another layer. Let this dry. Don’t forget to take the tiara off and add two layers to the back of the tiara as well.

In the next tutorial, I’ll go over how I painted and added the gem to my tiara!

Beauty tip of the week <3

So I’ve been lacking lately and I haven’t posted much but here it is :)

How to get rid of dark armpits (or any part of your skin; knees, elbows, yah know?) in 3 minutes ;)

What you’ll need:

Peroxide (vol. 30) | 1 tablespoon

Magnesium Carbonate | 1 tablespoon

Mix it till you get the basic paste.

Now, make sure you don’t shave before ! It will irritate your skin, do it after or if you have, wait 24 hours :)

Apply it on the area for 2-3 minutes and then clean it off with a warm wet cloth. Trust me, the results are amazing ! Do this once every other week till you get the desired results and BAM, fab not dark skin haha

Stay pretty, loves 💁😘
Yarn Tail Tutorial
So I've been very slowly working on the yarn tail and ears for my eventual Holo cosplay from the anime Spice and Wolf. While I was working on my tail, it occ...

Tutorial Thursday! 

Here’s the tutorial I made for making yarn tails. It’s a really simple process, it just takes for-ev-errrrr! But it looks so good! Enjoy! 



The cutout trend has been around for a while now and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere! Cutout T-shirt dresses are super comfy and easy to wear making them the perfect beach throw over. We show you an inexpensive way to create your very own cutout t-shirt dress! 

You’ll need:

  • - A t-shirt a couple of sizes too big for you 
  • - Sharp pair of scissors 
  • - Measuring tape
  • - Marker

How to:

  • - Mark out all the areas that need to be cut.
  • - Cut the t-shirt just below your ribs to get two pieces and cut the sleeves to turn them into cap sleeves. 
  • - Create two triangle cut outs for both halves of the t-shirt. Make the top half of the cutout about 5cm long and the bottom half cutout about 7 cm long.  
  • - Then cut out a small hole in the bottom middle of the top half of the t-shirt and create a slit about 7cm long in the top middle of the bottom half of the t-shirt.
  • - Take the slits and tie them together through the holes both in the front and back of the t-shirt. 
  • - Even out any uneven edges and you’re ready to show off your DIY Cutout T-shirt Dress!