diy stylus


Y'all here’s how to make a phone stylus at home for you phone artists.


[opening image description: a compilation shot of four of the DIYs discussed in the video: a blue cat plushie made from socks; an aqua cloud pillow with black eyes and pink cheeks; a rainbow liquid glitter notebook cover with a white cloud motif; and a blue glitter jar with silver ribbon and rhinestone trimming. A purple circle in the middle of the four photos features yellow and pink text reading “10 DIY”.]

Video Tutorial - 10 5 Minute Crafts, Innova Crafts

This is a long video, running at over 15 minutes, but it features several really good stimmy DIYs, such that it’s well worth watching in full. These crafts are pretty simple, and while some use tools that aren’t quite household friendly (clear tubing, a hot glue gun, plastic sheeting), I think they’re reasonably accessible for most crafty stimmers.

Pertinent crafts for stimmers include:

  • Water Bracelets - clear tube filled with water and glitter, stoppered with hot glue.
  • Sock Cat - a cat plush made from fluffy socks, thread and stuffing. Can also be easily weighted with poly pellets or rice.
  • Calm Jar - another take on the standard glitter jar.
  • Cloud Pillow - a no-sew pillow made by gluing fabric with a hot glue gun. Can also be weighted like the sock cat tutorial.
  • Liquid Notebook - a note book with a rainbow-shaped cut out filled with moveable glitter. This looks fabulous for classroom stimming!
  • Liquid Touchscreen Stylus - a DIY stylus made from tubing, chip packet foil and hot glue. Again great for classroom/office stimming!

The video does have annoying background music, but there’s no voice over, so I watched it on mute. Because of this, however, this video will be difficult or inaccessible for people with visual processing or vision disabilities.