diy studded denim jacket


so here they are!

denim jacket: Kenneth’s “replacement”. took a lot of stuff from the old one, like for example the backpatch (the text is swedish and means “Nothing’s waiting for us, so what are you waiting for?”)
I’ve recently taken some stuff off of it, so thats why it’s so empty in some places. still trying to figure out what to fill in the blank spaces with..
I think 14 or so of the patches were bought at rebellion last year, or were “recycled” from old clothes. everything else is DIY.

fake leather jacket: done some slight changes but all in all it looks the same. everything is DIY.

fake leather vest: everything is DIY except for the rancid patch, biohazard patch and the swedish police’s do not cross-tape thingy.
(‘korv’ is, for those of you who hasnt picked it up off of my blog yet, the swedish word for sausage, and it’s also my favourite word and my nickname)


Since the pictures I posted the other day weren’t the greatest, here are some better detail shots of my battle jacket. The spiked armholes, Nirvana patch on the shoulder and right sleeve are definitely some of my favorites.

I am really just so proud of it. It was a bitch at times and it broke my sewing machine, mangled my hands and ended up with me swearing at it and bleeding on it, but the amount that I love this damn thing has been worth the pain. Can’t wait to see it get more patches on.