diy sleep mask


Here we gooooo

  1. Slather a thick layer of Vaseline with a drop of tea tree oil over your skincare products in the night for a DIY sleeping mask!
  2. Turn anything into a face mask with this silicone cover thing.
  3. DIFFERENTIATE YOUR SKIN CONCERNS. I know it can be super tempting to just declare that you have “bad skin” and never really look at the root of the problem. I thought I had pimples and acne on oily skin, but it turned out I had closed comodones with dehydrated skin. So it’s suuuuper important to figure out what you’re dealing with.
  4. Change your routine one at a time. Don’t put a pile of new products on your face, because this will shock your skin and make you break out. If you’re getting into a new routine, please take a month to transition into it.
  5. WEAR SUNSCREEN. Idk who you are or what you’re trying to accomplish. Wear fucking sunscreen. Here are a few sunscreens that are tested on their ‘ashiness’. Now you have no excuse. 
  6. Layer your skincare thin to thick. Basically, if you have multiple essences, ampoules, serums, etc, always layer them on such that the one that has the most liquid consistency goes on first, and the thickest one last.
  7. DON’T TRY YOUTUBE SKINCARE HACKS without thoroughly researching about them. Don’t put lemon and baking soda on your face because some beauty guru did. Please actually research these things before irritating/potentially scarring your skin.
  8. Coconut oil can clog pores. If you suffer from this, try eliminating it to see how your skin reacts.
  9. If you pop a particularly nasty pimple, slap a bandaid over it. Yes, people are going to ask if you walked into a door, but your skin will heal faster (without that unwanted pimple comeback) and with minimal scarring.

Alright, please comment and let me know if there’s anything specific you want me to address in the following posts of the series.


I only planned to draw a masking tape to decorate my schedule, and somehow in the status of lack of sleep, I got too excited. Sorry :P