diy sci fi

picture by: @laguzphotography
model: Anja @livingdreaddoll

This is my favorite picture of the year and it was a beautiful day! We traveled with a bunch of friends, of course in post apocalyptic style,  to this awesome location in Germany, called Landschaftspark. And I love how it shows off my outfit. Almost everything is DIY. My bestie Linda helped me with the bicycle inner tube top. You will see it in more pictures.


Haven’t posted in a while- been on holiday with my beautiful wife to Cambodia for two weeks, had a wonderful time, thank you very much. Thought I’d share my Barbarian Queen on her mount- this was my first to-scale female mini - I used a chart off the internet to work out measurements, didn’t have any callipers, so used a compass instead to check approximate lengths of limbs etc. Used a large heavy wire armature and loads of tinfoil to bulk out the body. This was also the first time I messed around with folds of skin to create muscle tension across the mounts body- I was going fir a lean, intelligent predatory look with it and used a camel, a lioness and an iguana as my references for the creature…. you could imagine it quite happily and easily hunting on its own and understanding what it sees and hears. Very pleased with this , my wife’s idea to do one except that she wanted to mount the queen on a giant polar bear….

plus, of course Zorg, you little devil you

Retro-future: ‘Prospect’ and the art of DIY sci-fi
Cheaper and more powerful computers are letting young filmmakers explore digital effects in ways they never could before. However, for many of those inspired by the genre classics of the 1970s and ‘80s, there’s often nothing better than the on-set, practical side of filmmaking — where a beautifully designed costume or make-up effect can have more of a visceral impact than a CG creation ever could.