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Aren’t these salvaged/recycled greenhouses lovely?!

I’d collected some very old sash windows here in Brighton with the intent of making cold frames; however this was of course prior to myself and my love deciding to move back to my home country of Ireland to build ourselves a Tiny House and practice a little more self-reliance.

I have saved these images in folders on my computer, and unfortunately not retained sources for them - however a little reverse-image searching via Le Search Engines of your preference should throw up the sources!


These plastic tubes with strings on top are basically ready-made sachets, all you need is cut them into a smaller, more practical size. Sure, it’s plastic, not black velvet, but it’s water-resistant, you can see what’s inside, and you’re turning trash into something useful.

The photo shows one glued with scotch tape, but using a stapler is generally better. I just couldn’t find mine. And yes, I know the two packs don’t match, because I did it first, from an old pack that ran out, and only thought about taking pics for you guys later.

The basics of how to make a bong out of anything and how they work. Pretty useful for recycled stoners.
(Be careful on what materials you use some when heated, like plastic, can give off chemicals that are dangerous to inhale)

A little project I put together a bit ago. I had some empty black pots and a bag of cat grass seeds laying around so I decided to do something with them!

What you’ll need:
1. Gravel
2. Potting soil
3. An empty black pot (cleaned!)
4. Cat grass seed (you can get this at almost any store with a pet aisle)

All I did was put a small handful of gravel at the bottom of the pot (to allow drainage), put in some potting soil, layered in the cat grass seeds, and covered them with a bit more soil.

Two great things about cat grass: it’s super easy to grow. Water it about twice a week and keep it in medium/bright light. The second thing is that both cats and dogs love to munch on it to aid with their digestion!

Toilet paper pill box.

Another small fun project for recycling!
These are perfect for little gifts and a cute way to send
your jewelry to customers… it not only give a nice shell of
protection to the treasures you put inside, its cost free, customizable
and keeps recycling on the mind <3

All you need are
- toilet paper rolls
- decor ( i used stamps)
- Tape or glue

Step one: decorate your roll.
I used some of my stamps, but don’t limit yourself to just that… you can
use old paper, photographs, tissue paper, paint,sharpie and whatever else you
have laying around to decorate. Mod podge and some pattered paper would
be fun!

Step two:
Once your roll is decorated to your liking, fold down the corners on one end,
making it look like little cat ears. Make sure they fold over each other so there is no
open gap, and tape down  ( you can also glue the end down)
* side note… if you dont like the look of regular tape, they sell something called washi tape? that comes in all sorts of amazing patterns!

-Step three:
When you have some side sealed and taped down, wrap and place your item/treasures inside the box ( i wrapped up some earrings)
and seal the other end, again making sure they fold over one another so there are no gaps.

- Step four… your done!

Again these are wonderful for gift giving and product packaging.
Small, sturdy, cheap, recycled pill boxes…. you can use old paper towel rolls
too! those are larger and can fit a bit more than TP rolls.


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