diy quilt


About a week ago I finally finished this bad boy. It was a long time coming, but the adventure is one I treasure. It’s cool to see a little creative craft turn into your absolute favorite hobby. I was so clueless when I started my blanket (heck I’m still basically a knitting beginner) but I have learned so much more in this time and it’s fun to see that growth in something I created. A something that is probably the largest and longest time spent thing I ever made with my hands. This blanket is special. Not to mention super cozy and warm too!!!

Space Invaders Quilt

While shopping for quilt fabrics at a local cotton store in Chennai, India, we came across some neon colored cloth.  My mind immediately jumped to 80’s aerobics outfits, but my husband had a great idea: A Space Invaders themed quilt.  I decided that was a great idea.  Especially since I’d already found black skull fabric at the cotton street the week before.  What could be more fun than neon Space Invaders on black skull fabric?