diy punx


so i know everyone is still bummed about the death of stencilpunks, but we still have to get our stencils somewhere, so i’ve started a google drive folder full of stencils. there’s a doc with political stencils, a doc with band stencils, and a doc with miscellaneous ones. here is the link to the folder. if you didn’t see a stencil you wanted or you wanted to contribute, feel free to request one or submit me one on here and i’ll add it! please reblog this to get the word out.


First vest I made (2014-5ish) vs the second(2017). To all the young punks and those just getting into the scene: don’t feel like you have to look a certain way or like certain things (alot of my first patches are related to YA novels for fuck sake). Give your self room to grow and to love what you make. Punk is about empowerment so make whatever the fuck you like.