Another awesome upcycled vest project incorporating our giant zippers!

The tutorial this time is ℅ Natalie Shaw over at Doodlecraft and features a very detailed account of making a custom leather pull to attach to the slider, as well as showing off one of the recommended ways of dealing with that thick mesh on the bottom of the separating zippers.

Click on over here to see more awesomely helpful photos and details: http://www.doodlecraftblog.com/2015/01/giant-zipper-puffer-vest-upcycle.html

I just turned my LCD screen into a touchscreen with only a Wiimote and a homemade IR pen (you can see the AAA battery strapped to it).
Since there are so many artists on tumblr I thought some people could find this useful.

What you’ll need:
1. Wii remote (duh)
2. IR pen with button - homemade or bought (though bought is more reliable)
3. Bluetooth (as the Wiimote uses it)
4. Smoothboard program (I’m using the free version)

How it’s done:
The Wiimote actually has an IR camera on the front that can track multiple IR points (the Wii “sensor bar” actually has 0 sensors, just 2 IR LEDs). You hook up the Wiimote to your PC via “add bluetooth devices” (in this way you can also use the remote as a game controller). Once windows has finished installing the drivers just open the program, let it install a few more drivers, and calibrate the Wiimote by clicking on the red dots as they appear. 

and BOOM you have a touchscreen that can also be used for RTS games!

Note: for better tracking you can use 2 remotes from opposite angles so that your hand won’t block the IR LED


Day 20/20. Welcome to 20 days of DIY! As a new years resolution to myself I have decided to post daily DIYs. Each day I will post a new DIY idea for you guys to try out! I have really enjoyed doing these, if you want me to do more please let me know!

1. Punch holes in tin foil sheet

2. Line an empty mason jar with tin foil 

3. Place a small light or tea light in the jar

4. Seal mason jar, turn off the lights and watch the stars in your room!

Enjoy, Robin! x