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I made a fancy leather backplate!

Since it’s been Christmas and I don’t have to keep John’s present a secret anymore, I can officially show you all what I’ve been up to! John wears an almost full set of armour to Swordcraft, rain or shine, and the only thing he’s been missing is a backplate. Since he wears a converted version of my old etched breastplate, he’s only been wearing the front steel plate, and as long as he’s been wearing it, he’s been wanting a fancy leather backplate (in the rules system we use, a 5mm leather back plate gives the same amount of HP as a 1.2mm steel backplate). So I made one! 

I started with a raw sheet of veg-tan leather. Creating the pattern for the shape to match the front plate was fairly easy coming from a sewing background. I cut the shape, cleaned up the edges and measured out and embossed the diamonds by pressing the side of my edging tool hard into the leather. There’s also the four straps to go into the existing buckles on the front plate.

Since I’ve had very little experience with leather dying, I used the neck hole cut out as a practice piece (you’ll see what I did with that later). It was looking pretty good so I went for it. I used tape to section off the diamonds like I would have if I were painting. But it turns out it was both similar and extremely different to your garden variety acrylic paint…

There was a fair amount of bleeding, and the tape upset the leather, but there was no stopping now…. Here are some progress photos.

I dyed the rough, inner side of the leather purple and slathered the whole thing in a leather conditioner and rubbed it in really well to give it a nicer finish…. and ta-da!

I purposely left the straps un-attached to I could adjust the size to John perfectly. But the end result would look something like this:

I found the blue dye tricker to work with than the purple dye, and in the light it’s still fairly streaky. But on the whole, and considering it was my first attempt at something like this, I’m super duper happy. And John was over the moon too, of course! 

It adds so much more colour and individuality to his kit, it honestly makes me slightly jealous of how good he looks on field. I see many more projects like this in the future!

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RFA + V + Saeran decorating their house with MC for Halloween

I didn’t realize this said with :~S hopefully this is alright, but if you’d like it redone, I’d be more than happy to

-the broke college student is a huge believer in DIY decorations
-cutting paper plates to look like little ghosts, orange and purple streamers, toilet paper to mummify things
-he tries to get into the Halloween spirit on a budget
-you’d have to give this boy some good decorations cause his place basically looks like a third grade arts & crafts class

-he’s not huge on decorating for halloween
-always too busy or just isn’t into halloween enough to do so
-it isn’t until you encourage him to do so and he just re-uses decorations from other holidays
-the true horror to his decorations is him trying to put a vampire costume on a reindeer decoration
-putting ‘2013’ new year glasses on an easter bunny he had, even though he doesn’t remember ever celebrating that
-by the end of it, you couldn’t tell what holiday you were celebrating anymore

-she always had some small decorations here and there for halloween
-but she had never truly gone full out on decorating for this holiday
-and she kept it that way, unless you said something about it
-then she would absolutely decorate, just for you
-although if she didn’t have enough guidance on how to do so, it wouldn’t look too different from how she did it before except that everything is doubled
-so it’s just two of every small decoration she has
-you appreciated her effort though

-he had never decorated for halloween before
-or any holiday for that matter
-he was just always too busy and never saw a need to
-until you brought it up, then he would absolutely go all out for you
-he insisted on hiring someone to do it, but you suggested maybe doing it himself to truly get into the spirit
-and he really tried
-but as soon as he tried to stick something to the windows only to get it all on himself, he called it quits and hired a professional decorator
-the next time you walked through the door to see his place, he had convinced you that it was all him
-you didn’t buy it, but just let him have it

-he either forgets to decorate and doesn’t do much but a small plastic pumpkin on his desk
-or goes all out
-when it’s the latter, it usually starts on the first day of October
-and progressively becomes more and more as the days go on
-one day, it’s a few cobwebs throughout the house
-by the 25th, it looks like the inside of a tacky haunted house
-everything looks mummified or spooky
-even buys plenty of those animatronics and inflatables that you put outside, but puts them around every corner of the house
-getting up in the middle of the night to get water proves to be a challenge towards the end of the month

-he’s always wanted to decorate for halloween, but never did for one reason or another
-it wasn’t until you talked him into it
-it started with little DIY things
-like paper-mâché skulls or ghosts
-and one day walked in to see he had made a gargoyle out of foam
-most of his decorations were elaborate and home-made
-his house looked pretty spooky in no time

-low key, halloween was his favourite time of year
-absolutely loved going to haunted houses
-so when you suggested decorating his place, he had already had a few ideas in mind
-actually he basically knew what he wanted to do
-so when you went over one day and walked into a dimly lit place that looked straight out of a horror movie, you wondered whether you had walked into someone else’s creepy house
-until your boyfriend came up behind you to scare you and made you scream
-“Did you do this yourself?”
-“Maybe,” he said, “it’s not finished yet.”
-it already looked horrifying enough with all the fake-blood on the walls and dark, spooky decorations
-“What could this possibly be missing?”
-“Oh, this,” he said, pulling a fake rat out from behind him only to scare you once again


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