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not really doll-related but hey i just made felt cacti !!! still considered miniatures, right? heh. they are easy and adorable and they help me to unwind my head a bit. i would say it’s meditative, even. there are so many felt cacti home decor ideas online, it’s crazy what people can transform felt into. i’m giving these two away to good friends though, but i’d definitely love to make some more and put it around the room…

DIY Sewing Jar of Goodies

Mason jars are all the rage in the crafting world, and while looking in a book at Urban Outfitters, I stumbled across this idea and decided to try it out.

This project can be done no-sew, and it a great gift for crafters!

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Mason Jar with Lid


Matching Fabric

Matching thread

Hot glue gun + glue

Ribbon optional

Polyester Stuffing

First take your lid and on your fabric measure out a circle that is 1 inch bigger on all sides and cut it out.

Next, using your glue gun, glue the edge onto the lid bit-by-bit leaving a 1 inch gap. Fill the gap with stuffing until you are satisfied with the size. Glue the gap shut.

Glue the circle of the lid onto the screw part of the lid and if you like, you can cover the glue-seam with a ribbon. The pincushion top is done!

Cut out a rectangle of felt that is the circumference of your jar in width and the height of the body of your jar + 2-3 inches in height. Fold your fabric almost in half, mark the lines where you want the pockets, and either sew, hand stitch, or glue to secure the lines. Your felt should look like this.

Glue the felt around the jar making sure the ends meet.

Fill your pincushion with pins, your pockets with tools, and your jar with more sewing accoutrements, screw on the lid and you are finished!

DIY Painted Stone Cactus (Cacti). There’s no tutorial because I couldn’t find the source even using my 5 Steps to Finding the Origianl Souce - no one can. But I learned how to take Pinterest out of my search results: But seeing the photo is enough of a how to.

Here’s a mini roundup of cactus DIYs. The top felt pincushion can be found here and the roundup #1-5 can be found here

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