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Space Balls

Recently I’ve been playing with wet on wet watercolor techniques.  This watercolor technique works wonders with creating backgrounds, skies, water, and space.  By wetting your work area first with water, you can create organic shapes and water movement that mimic things you would find in nature.  Make sure you only wet areas you want the colors to flow with clean water.  Or your painting will become muddy and washed out.

This is step one.  Filling in the area with color.  If you experience pooling you can either:

1. Mop it up with a brush/towel/paper

2. Tilt your paper to evenly distribute the water but risk muddying colors

3. Let it dry for a darker effect but risk getting bleeding 

Experiment with different color combinations.  You can look up galaxies, nebulas, and stars online but just experimenting works even better.  

Possible color combos that worked:

1. Warm colors: reds/oranges/pinks/yellow

2. Cool colors: Blue/purple/green

3. Mix it up, if you add in just cool colors, you can add a pop/drop of red to really give it a pop.

Now we need to darken up the borders and around the organic color flows you have created.  Let it dry slightly and then mix up very dark purple with a base of blue.

Fill in edges and then go back and get high paint to water ratios of your colors (orange) and dip your brush in those areas.  Watch the color bleed into the dark purple.  Add and experiment as desired.

Check out that bleeding action!  It’s exactly what you want.  

Now take a white gel pen/white gouache/white watered down acrylic paint and tap your brush with a pencil to get nice star variations.  I even used silver calligraphy ink to add even more dimension to the stars.  Not all stars are white.  You can make them silver, gold, light blue, light yellow, cream or anything that works for you.

What I did next is scan some of my “space balls” into my computer, cut them out into perfect circles and arrange them as a print.  You can check it out below.

Experiment and enjoy!  I think this picture “tutorial” is okay but a video would definitely convey some of the technique better.  Look forward to that.





I partnered up with Sony Pictures this week to bring you a Shark Bite SFX makeup tutorial inspired by the new film, The Shallows, featuring the beautiful Blake Lively

This is an easy way to achieve a fake Shark bite, and any other bite mark or scarring effect you may desire, as opposed to going down the expensive and lengthly process of sculpting & casting a prosthetic piece. 

All the products used have been listed and linked in the description bar of the video. You can be re-directed to it ‘here’.

Reuse Your Old Shutters!

Use an old shutter to organize outgoing and incoming mail! Never lose another bill again! You can also use this for notes, letters, pictures, etc.

Secure shutters on the wall behind your bed to create a headboard. Very inexpensive and easy for any home!

Take it to a new extreme and create an accent wall with old shutters. Although you could do this with shutters that are all the same color, I love this idea of using ones of different colors!

Turn the old shutter into a shelf for a rustic, country look. Very inexpensive idea that will add more wall storage in your home.

DIY Feather Charm #2

As usual, do practice with old tattered feathers first, this way if you mess up it just won’t matter. I found this method to be a lot easier to do, it involved more pieces but was a lot easier to put together and came out looking nicer in my opinion!

Materials: Feathers (wing, tail, contour [more specifically I used a butt feather]), Crimp bead, Callotte, Jumpring, Ornamental bead (optional), Needle nosed pliers, Hairspray

Step 1: Choose your feathers (they all must be curving the same direction for this method) and give the wing and tail feathers a light coating of hairspray to hold the filaments together/ protect them from damage. (don’t spray the fluffy one, we want it to stay fluffy looking!)

Step 2: Slide all of your feathers in to the crimp bead and line them up however you’d like them to be. If you find the feathers don’t fit in to the crimp bead you can either flatten the shafts or thin them with a xacto knife or you can use two crimp beads. If you use two crimp beads you’ll be crimping the base and middle feather together with one bead then using the second bead to connect the top feather to the middle feather.

Step 3: Place the ornamental bead over the shafts and lightly push it down just below the crimp bead(s).  Use the callotte and clamp it overtop of the crimp bead (not above it, you want the callotte to cover the crimp bead). The callotte will not be able to hold the feathers together unless it’s covering the crimp bead, it will just slide off otherwise.  Lastly you’ll place the jumpring in the hook that’s attatched to the callotte and pinch the hook shut with your pliers.  

*If you find the ornamental bead slides down you may need to add a little bit of glue to hold the the ornamental bead to the callotte to keep it from sliding down*

Step 4: Thread a chain, string, or chord through the jumpring.

insomniasix  asked:

3 30 32 Stella❤

Stella from Stars in the Night (Soulmate AU)

3. Favorite companion?

Noctis, of course! *insert endless heart eyes* If we aren’t counting him, I’d have to say Claudia ( @themissimmortal​’s OC), Di, or Cam ( @cupnoodle-queen​). 

Claudia and her were close friends in high school and though they separated, they still think about each other lots. <3

Di was Stella’s best friend in college. They opened up their own autoshop and lived together for a good number of years. Not only were they best friends, but they were partners. 

Cam has become very close with Stella after the 10 years of Darkness. Cam reminds her a lot of Di, and trusts her with her life. 

30. What makes them cry?

Answered here <333

32. If they had a tumblr, what would they post

A shit tone of memes and a lot of DIY tutorials. Also, pictures of cars and animals. Specifically dogs. 

(How can I not have an OC that isn’t obsessed with dogs?)