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Create your own fairy garden

You’ll need:
▪️an old desk drawer or a seed tray
▪️fake moss/grass cut the size of what you’re using
▪️small wooden disks
▪️a hot glue gun
▪️gold craft wire
▪️wire cutters
▪️one small clam shell and one large clam shell
▪️an old pearl necklace
▪️a small plastic tub
▪️decorations such as fairy ornaments, toy mushrooms and animals, mini flower puts and crystals
1) scrunch up the newspaper and place it in the drawer/tray and place the moss/grass on top.
2) decorate the garden, craft a fairy nest by gluing feathers, bark and ask moss onto the small plastic tub and then wrap the gold wire around it.
3) create a water fountain by using the large clam shell on the moss and then use the smaller one after attaching it to a piece of wire and push it into the moss so it sits above the larger one.
4) finally, place the flowers, crystals and the other decorations around the garden to attract fairies.

Simple Witchcraft Challenge Ideas!

Here are some links to wonderful spell and craft ideas for people struggling with the simplewitchcraftchallenge 

Here is another pages in my new Grimoire. This is a shortened version of the wiccan rede. I have mastered the art if writing straight! Haha. My acrylic pen decided to attack the page near completion, so I did my best to hide that. I still think it came out beautifully.
Tommi row I’ll be adding the about me page. Slightly excited, slightly nervous because I want it to be perfect.
Let me know what y'all think.