diy nail tutorial


Watch the full length tutorial here! Watch the mini speedtorial here!

Colorful Drybrush Ombre

After cleaning, filing, and shaping the nail and appying a base coat:

1. using a dry brush from a brown polish (you can dry off the brush on the neck of the bottle and, if needed, even more on a paper towel or tissue), dry brush many strokes onto the tip of the nail, using lighter pressure and fewer strokes as you get closer to the cuticle

2. repeat step 1 with an orange polish 

3. repeat step 1 with a pink yellow polish

4. repeat step 1 with a pink polish (since this is your last solid color, make sure that you rap the tip with the pink polish to give your manicure more lasting power)

5. repeat step 1 with a mettalic gold polish (for the mettalic hint, I like to make it a little less ombre than all the others and distribute the color a bit more evenly across the entire nail, but that is totally up to your personal taste)

6. apply one thin coat of quick dry top coat

7. apply one thin coat of matte top coat


Galaxy Holographic is beautiful!


Here’s a tutorial for the agate nails that I did!


Color Changing Acrylic Powder


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