diy nail designs


Here’s a tutorial for the agate nails that I did!


See the full video tutorial here. And the speedtorial here!

Black and Silver Wavy Tips

After cleaning filing and shaping the nail and applying a base coat:

  1. use the brush from the bottle of silver polish to paint the top half of the nail making the edge of the silver look like 2 waves/mountains/humps
  2. use a very small striping brush and some black polish to make really uneven, lumpy lines outlining the edge of silver area and also filling it in with stripes. Continue to mimic the shape of the original waves with each stripe as you go toward the tip of the nail. 
  3. apply two thin coats of quick dry top coat (I always apply two coats of top coat when I have done a negative space look because it helps the nail feel smoother and more cohesive when you physically touch it)

WHAT IS UP EVERYONE ONE!?!?! We are one month away from the premiere of the long awaited and anticipated Descendants 2!!!!
And to celebrate this blog will be posting so much more then just fics. Hence the picture you are seeing above.
Let’s get started shall we?

To start this month of fun I’ve created a design for the daughter of the most famous Sea Witch, Uma.
I love the way this design ended up looking. It’s simple but when you look closer you see the sea accents. Same can be said of Uma but more on that later.

The steps are simple:
I first of all started with a base nail polish to keep my nails healthy. Then after that was dry I did a thin layer of a white base color to help the neon polish pop (that’s a little tip, want your neon nail colors to really glow add a white base 😉 you won’t be sorry). The next step is applying two coats (one at a time, let it dry between coats or things will get messy) of the turquoise/blue polish. You can stop there and add the charms or not it’s up to you but I took it one step further. I added a irredentist flakey glitter to add a mermaid look. Also I’m a sucker for glitter.
Now the charms I used are self adhesive. I got them from Sally’s beauty supply store. But similar things can be found in craft store and drug stores that sell beauty supplies.
I added them close to my cuticle area after the nail polish had dried. Once set where I wanted them I sealed everything with a top coat.

Hope this was informative or at least fun to look at.
Be excited guys more stuff to come!

-Mod 101❤️🐾

Here’s a tutorial for my black marble nails!