diy miami


So I added the decals for the arcade a while back and they looked great when I first put them on but after a few days they got very bubbly and trying to fix that created a lot of really ugly creases so back to the drawing board for the side art. Anyone have any ideas on something that would work better or how I should do this next time?

The arcade is nearing completion; in fact unless something exciting happens I think this will be the final update before the grand reveal. Will still be a few weeks before that though so follow me if you’re waiting for that (or not since I don’t like asking for followers).

Hey if you’re in Florida come to our show tomorrow (Friday) around 3-5pm!

2120 Sunset Drive, Sunset Island #4. Miami Beach, FL 33140

Free drinks cool arts nice people cute house cute people

David Brandon Geeting, Grant Willing, Priscilla Jeong, Corey Olsen, Amanda Lucia Cote, Tyler Healy, Bryan Krueger, Aria McManus, and Evan Robarts