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How to Make a Lightbox

AKA: Scarele’s too lazy and didn’t want to wait for shipping that day. Most of the stuff was around the house, so I only spent about $10USD. Total price may run about $20USD, in which you can find some really nice lightboxes that collapse as well. But this way is a little more customizeable in height.

So you want to do some awesome photos of dolls or stuff to sell on Etsy/Ebay? Night photography when the light outside just sucks major? A lightbox can make a huge difference on your photos

Under a readmore for lots of photos and instructions. Estimated time: 1 hour. Cost: $10-20 depending on what is around. Lights are about $10 a piece but they are commonly used around for other things.

Granted, my end display looks a little funky, but those edges do tuck around when I figured out the trick (it’s like folding hospital edges).

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I made a light box today for exposing screens in my new workspace!
Im really excited about having a more functional/efficient set up.  I made two new screens today and am preparing stencils for 3 more screens that are ready to be exposed. Lots of productivity feels good, I guess changing my ADD meds was effective.  

stay tuned for much art posting later this week~*~


How to Make a Cheap Lightbox (by RestlessColour)