diy in progress


So 2016 will last only a few days and now I’m trying to get my sh*t together. I’ve had a short phase of anxiety because I was so overwhelmed by all the events, deadlines, tasks etc. I still have to do in a short time of about two weeks, but now I’m creating a work-progress-sheet and the panic is decreasing😌 so at least I started working on my bachelor thesis.

I’m also looking forward to 2017, so I did a NY-page 🤗 hope you all have a nice 2017 🎆🎉🎀


My Millennium Rod is ready!!!

The build didn’t take too long or require too many materials: Wood, wooden sphere, wooden dowel, polymer clay, glue (PVA and super glue), paint and sanding paper, (and a passion for Yu-Gi-Oh! certainly helps :p) I didn’t have a tapered dowel so I had to sand a cylinder it in that shape by hand (if I had a lathe it would certainly have saved me time).

Big thank you to my dad for helping me out assembling the whole thing :)

As always, shoot me a message if you would like further information about this build and I will do my best to help you out!

Dolls need lashes too!!!!

This is a Ever After High plastic doll for which i wiped off her factory paint and gave her a new face. To create the…my version of Cupid ahahahah!

So…. I tried to give her this super soft and natural look! (Of course I’m slowly able to achieve this after a number of faceups, trials and error) I LOVE SOFT PASTELS!!!!

I have yet to add the shine in her eyes nor the gloss to her eyes and lips~ so she’s in complete~ Nevertheless, I am so excited to share and so…TADAH!

Okay, please tell me how beautiful she is 😂
I need some compliments to keep me motivated !!!


I finished my yearly, monthly, and half of my weekly log for my new bullet journal.

Tomorrow, I need to find something to fill up the other half of my weekly log. Then, I’ll start working on my daily log.


Ladybug Prpogress

i had to cut like 90 of this dots out and put them on the suit @.@ wasnt that much fun, but it looked great at the end. ~

making progress ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(and yes, that is the kitty pumpkin i painted in mid-october. it has yet to show a single sign of rot. i am now fully convinced she reincarnated into the pumpkin and is hanging out in there keeping it fre$h until she gets bored …. it’s fucking 6 months old and i didn’t even seal it with anything, the bottom is paint-less, there’s no logical explanation as to why it’s still solid as a bitch, like i rly think she just possessed it to keep an eye on “her” bedroom for while … it’s so fucking weird)


Got my junkyard armor all done! I made the deathclaw crossing sign myself, and weathered the stop sign and license plate. My boyfriend did all the metalwork, such as drilling holes and making rivets, as well as mounting the armor onto the straps for me. The stop sign is even hinged so that it moves with my arm. I’m so grateful for his help, I dunno how I would have done it without him!

I’m still wanting to add thigh holsters for my guns, a leather bracer for my right arm and maybe a leather knee pad or elbow pad. But I’m getting closer to completing it, and I can’t wait!


Made my sister Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick as a surprise gift n__n


1) Cut out shape from plywood

2) Sand into desired shape, and then sand some more O__o

3) Spray paint moon and bottom metallic gold (thought it looked better than a more bright yellow gold, plus now it matches her tiara)

4) Cut out centre design from styrene and paint gold (one for each side). Paint centre portion of these pieces pink

5) Paint handle pink

6) Draw detail black parts with thin-tipped black marker

7) Glue styrene part onto handle using super glue

8) Make a bunch of small spheres (9 little balls per side) out of polymer clay and bake. Then paint them the appropriate colours and glue on using super glue

9) Spray the entire piece with a clear coat to prevent marker and paint from coming off

Now you are ready perform the Moon Healing Escalation attack!!


Reprapguru Prusa i3 3d printer DIY build progress, build has lasted one week roughly, with an hour or two a night after the kids went to bed. Kit was reasonably priced @ $315 on Amazon and provides a roughly 8"x8"x7" build area. My experience actually doing the assembly was fantastic, has one part that was slightly messed up but reprapguru sent a replacement asap.