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Witchy Sleepover Ideas

A bunch of fun witchy activities that can be done with friends at sleepovers or when just hanging out.

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  • Cleanse the house using salt or incense, good thing to do before anything else witchy
  • Turn a recipe for food or baked goods into a magical one and make it together
  • Decorate cookies or cupcakes with sigils that will activate when you eat them
  • Make flower crowns with fresh or fake flowers
  • Practice tea magick and then give each other readings from the leaves (tasseography)
  • Practice palm reading on each other
  • Do some tarot readings, oracle readings or other cartomancy techniques especially if everyone brings their own deck
  • Get some rounded wood pieces and some paints and make yourself some homemade simple runes
  • Practice knot magick by making each other friendship bracelets
  • Use beading supplies and charms to make other types of jewelry with intent corresponding with the colors, shapes, and charms of the jewelry and then enchant them to make them even more magickal
  • Make your own poppets with cloth, stuffing, rice, buttons and other ingredients to be used for positive purposes such as self love
  • Enchant each other’s favorite plushies or stuffed animals
  • Make homemade bath bombs, salts, and/or bath potions
  • Do each other’s make up hiding sigils in it and/or practicing glamours
  • Do each other’s nails using color magick, sigils, and other symbols
  • Make homemade magickal candles
  • Watch witchy movies!
  • Decorate binders to make unique new grimoires using paper, glitter, stickers, felt and other materials
  • Work out each other’s natal charts 
  • Practice group energy work and aura reading
  • If everyone is comfortable make a homemade custom Ouija Board/Spirit Board and use it (please note that only do this if everyone is emotionally ready and before I get backlash for suggesting this check out @theouijagirl‘s blog)
  • Make homemade wands using crystals, beads, wires, and paint
  • Make pendulums or dowsing rods
  • Make sachet or jar spells for one another or together
  • Write a brand new spell!
  • Listen to music and use lyrics to write spells, incantations or chants
  • Do witchy arts and crafts like enchanted flower pots using sigils, rock charms, witch’s ladders, pine cone/acorn charms, acorn/seashell candles, ceremony/ritual masks, jewelry, sensory bottles/jars, enchanted slime, witch’s web, offering bowls, etc
  • Make a camp or bonfire and burn some (safe to burn) herbs (practice fire safety and only do this if you have a safe place to make a fire)
  • Soap making/carving
  • Make collages of things that make you feel witchy to put into your grimoires
  • Work on grimoires together and make custom pages, calenders, charts, illustrations, pressings, etc
  • Use erasers and x-acto knives (carefully) to make custom stamps of sigils, animals, words, etc
  • Dream interpretation the next morning
  • Make witchy tea and coffee together
  • Have fun!

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Make your own 3D paper decorations (Download the printables for the colours and template here)

You’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • A printer
  • 4 sheets of A4 paper
  • String/Twine
  • Glue for the tabs

Using the printables: Print the template PDF first (four pages) then turn over these printed sheets and feed them back into the printer to print the Colours PDF on the other side. Cut and glue the tabs as labeled.

More printables and paper craft ideas here