diy hand knitting

It took me forever to finish this scarf. Unfortunately, I am not overly satisfied with the end result. I need to work on my seams. It’s kind of disappointing, considering how much effort I put into this. As they say, you live and learn.

I’ve been asked a lot lately about what is the easiest decrease method for me.
There are many projects you can make in rectangular form, but at some point you may want to move on to items that are a bit more shaped. Decreasing (or reducing the number of stitches in a row) is one way to achieve that shaping.
There are numerous methods of decreasing that produce different looks and effects, but this is the easiest for me, the ‘knit two together’ (or k2tog). This basic decrease slants to the right on the knit side of the work. If you want your decrease to slant to the left, try the SKP. I hope this picture diagram above helps. Keep on knitting and please reblog if you feel it might help your fellow knitters!