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Make Your Own Clip-on Hair Strip

Prenote: I just made this today, I am sure there are other methods to the madness of making these, this was simply my cheap way since I already had all this available to me at my house.

What you need:

  • Krazy Glue - or some other quick working kind
  • Sewing Machine (or more glue*)
  • Hair strip or old wig you want to cut
  • Cheap clips
  • Scrap fabric (better if it matches the hair color the piece is going into)
  • Pre-prep: If you are using an old wig, cut off the strands you wish to use in small sections as you are going. Once you set hair down, it can be hard to pick back up.

1. Make a small band with glue across the hair strands you want to use, try to line them up the best you can then make a clean cut across the top of it. If you are using a pre-made hair strip: ignore this part.

2. Fold fabric over your hair piece so that it is on both sides of your glued strip.

3. Use the sewing machine’s zig-zag pattern to go over the fabric and glued area a couple of times to secure the piece. (* If you do not have a sewing machine, you might be able to get away with gluing the fabric to the glued strip on the hair, however, I have not tried this method and cannot guarantee it will work)

Some strands may fall out if they were not glued or were in the middle, but most should hold in place.

4. Make a thin strip of glue along your hair clip’s top (this way when the hair lays flat, it helps cover the clip and can go closer to where it is pinned) and then hold your fabric end of the hair strip to the glue.

5. Pull back your hair or your wig hair (whichever you are making it for) until you can see your roots or the webbing of the wig and clip the hair clip in place. 

6. Release the hair you pulled back and style to cover the hair clip. Trim your hair strip if needed. I highly recommend trimming afterwards and not before!

Hope this might help anyone refurbish lost-cause wigs or old wigs.


DIY Pastel Goth Horn Hair Clips Made By Tootsie Toni 

Check out my youtube for more Pastel Goth DIY's 


Add a Spooky Surprise to Your Hair Style with These Skeleton Hands Hair Clips DIY Project!

Great way to accent and updo, rock your hair if you are heading to a concert, show your Halloween spirit or punk up your look a bit. You can even make them yourself!

All your will need is:

  • Bag of skeleton hands, available from a craft store
  • Hair pins or alligator clips
  • Hot glue gun

Simply glue the light weigh hand to the hair pin or clip!


In this hair tutorial I show 10 easy hairstyle and 10 epic DIY hair accessories! DIY head bands, hair bows, clips and ties, flower crowns and much more. All these are perfect for school as well, because they are super easy and quick to make, they keep your hair out of your face and they just look cute. The DIY hair accessories are a great way to spice up any hairstyle and they look great on medium, short or long hair. (via

Vintage-Inspired Beaded Hair Clip

This beaded hair clip is easy to make and looks unique and pretty. My son and I were really sick recently and I spent a few days on the couch watching Downton Abbey and I am pretty sure the styles in the show are what inspired me to make this hair piece. It is vintage-inspired and not something you’ll see people wearing everyday. I haven’t made many things out of beads before - but I really like how this turned out and it’s a pretty simple project.

DIY Sprout Hair clip

Day 21 (aka 29 Days Until) - Sprout Making
Here’s the little sprout hair clip I made with a pair of socks, twist ties from the grocery store, an old hair clip, sewing needle/thread/scissors, and glue. Are there any crafty BANAs out there~? Please share your DIY ideas and inspirations with me too ^^ 

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