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just-2-easy  asked:

Do you have any room decor ideas that you could make with things lying around the house? xx

First things first:

I love questions like this!! 

I’m not sure specifically on what kind of stuff you may be into (Are you into nature stuff, or maybe vintage aesthetics? Or maybe you really like pastels? Or maybe you host some macabre sentiments?), so I’ve compiled together here a variety of room decor tutorials! Hopefully one of these might fit your fancy! (And as always, feel free to ask again! Let me know what you’d like different!)

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DIY Geometric Photo Display

Nails or tacks, some string (in the colour of your choice!), and some bulldog clips (or paperclips, again, in the colour of your choice!). Hang up photos of your family, friends, places you might want to travel to, wish list items, your favourite characters! OOoor inspirational quotes! Recipes! Cute puppies! So many options!!

DIY Erasable Boards

Maybe you have some unused frames lying about? Or a photo that needs liberating? Maybe some pretty paper? Or make your own pretty paper (watercolours, marbling, découpage, etc).

DIY Found Moss Terrarium

Maybe you’d like to bring nature into your room? Can’t say that you’d be able to find the items needed lying around in the house…but maybe literally around the house. 

Grab a bag, head outside, and collect the ingredients above! (The activated charcoal is not necessary if you don’t have that in your collection!) The full tutorial is incredibly helpful, so please do go check it out in all its entirety.

DIY Tape Picture Frames

Okay, so maybe you can’t poke a bunch of holes into your walls (or maybe you don’t want to!), but you’re still looking to display some pics. Maybe you have washi tapes laying about the house. 

No washi tape? Decorating masking tape is another option!

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

DIY Tropical “Low Poly” Geometric Mural

Altogether, this took about 11 episodes of Lost. 

Supplies used below: 

  • 5x 3in Paintbrushes ($1.48/each)
  • 5x Glidden Flat White Paint 1qt ($8.98/each)
  • >White, Lucious Lime, Splendor Gold, Bella Vista(Blue), Intrigue (Red)1x Ultramarine Blick-brand acrylic paint ($3?) for toning the blue above
  • 4x 1-inch Masking Tape ($5/each)
  • Cheap dollarstore plates for mixing colors.


I looked at a ton of low-poly images before deciding how to paint the triangles.

A bit better view of the colors here. Very tropical!

Before and After, with furniture.

Here are some lessons learned:

  • I probably could have bought sample sized paints and saved $20
  • I should have laid down some newspaper - there were a couple drips of paint (but good thing its just painted concrete, right?)
  • I ran out of blue masking tape briefly and switched to white so I didnt have to go out and brave Irma. Bad idea. Couldnt see my tape at all and slowed me down.
  • I probably would have rather mixed some colors in larger swaths than using plates, but clearly this wasn’t a terrible mistake.

Plump and happy Gasteraloe in a faceted hexagonal florist’s pot. This upright category of pot/vase (maybe 6" wide) is common at thrift stores, but almost never has a hole. Of course I drilled one. I left plenty of room to grow, hoping the friend I gave this to will get some offsets around the base of the plant next year. Zoom in, it’s a lovely textural combination up close.

This is now available in my Etsy Store and it needs a good home! :)


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DIY japanese bookbinding kit by mirabetnotebooks

apparently, there are four japanese binding techniques that come in this kit — they are Yotsume toji, Kangxi, Asa-no-ha toji, and Kikko toji. you get to make four A5-size notebooks bound with linen thread — so very creative.


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