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Plump and happy Gasteraloe in a faceted hexagonal florist’s pot. This upright category of pot/vase (maybe 6" wide) is common at thrift stores, but almost never has a hole. Of course I drilled one. I left plenty of room to grow, hoping the friend I gave this to will get some offsets around the base of the plant next year. Zoom in, it’s a lovely textural combination up close.


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the DIY lover | 12.11.16

DIY japanese bookbinding kit by mirabetnotebooks

apparently, there are four japanese binding techniques that come in this kit — they are Yotsume toji, Kangxi, Asa-no-ha toji, and Kikko toji. you get to make four A5-size notebooks bound with linen thread — so very creative.


The Lion | Micron

anonymous asked:

Do you have any elephant diy ?

I went surfing the web and found these to be my top picks!

DIY Sock Elephant

DIY Elephant Head Papercraft

DIY Elephant Nail Art

DIY Geometric Stitched Animal Art

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