diy game of thrones dragon eggs

Hi everyone! I’m opening an Etsy shop soon & this will be one of many items I will be selling!

Although there is only one egg pictured, I will be taking requests on size, scale shape, color, and any other factors you’d want in your custom egg! If you are interested, please message me and let me know!

I will ship anywhere needed, but tax and shipping fees will be added onto the total.

anonymous asked:

Hi! That dragon egg craft you shared is amazing! I've made like seven eggs! Have you got any more dragon crafts? Thanks so much I'm addicted to you blog lol :-)

Any chance I can get chance to see these eggs?? Because I’d love to see some follower creations. Maybe I should get submissions going?

Anyways, I’ve found some dragon crafts for you!!

DIY Dragon Jar

DIY Dragon Eyes

DIY Pipe Cleaner Dragons

DIY Sock Dragon

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i wanted to share the final version of my got dragon egg with you guys. i also made a baby charm version, i still need to finish but it is so cute i can die. (btw that is rheagal egg)
sadly as i said before only for sale in Lima Peru ¯\_(ツ)_/¯