diy furniture



Ouija Board random top

I always like to take table tops and paint a ouija board on them to spruce them up.  Its fun simple to do and can add life to any old furniture.  All you need is acrylic paints and you are ready to go

Supplies needed are chalk, spring, tape, water, a thin brush, Acrylic paint(your choice of color) or a gold leafing pen.

we first find the bottom center of the table.  With string/yarn and chalk we make a compass, with the center of the circle being the bottom center of the table.

we go ahead and make guidelines to place our letters

I always like to start in the center to make sure it will be symmetric. You can choose any font you’d like. I went with a Art Nouveau font.

I also put “Yes” and “No” on the board, placing “Ouija” in the center.

with a script brush I traced all the lettering from top left heading towards bottom right so not to accidentally smear any wet paint with the palm

and here is the lettering finished

Once dry, we wipe off all the chalk with a damp rag, then we clear it. And there you have it.