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I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm for my gun boxes. I’m currently supporting myself through my woodworking so if you are seriously interested in a custom box of your own send me a message and we can talk. Prices will range from about $150 on up depending on wood species and time invested.
This one here is a gift, but I would quote it at $225 +shipping to give you an idea.
Again, thanks for all the kind words!



Brownells 3 gunner Janna Reeves​ walks you through a 3 gun course showing you how to plan your shots, movement, and reloads! If you are new to the game this is not to miss!


Apocalypse Hardware Store Gun Build!

Gun Designer Mark Serbu goes into detail as to how the gun was designed and built.


Brownells Steve O tosses out some info regarding AR15 buffer weights & their uses in different types of builds!


Thinking of building up a rifle based on a HOWA Action? Here’s your chance to learn how!


Steve O quickly explains the differences in the Remington 700 ADL & BDL and how to identify what you may have!

If the sight of a little plastic pistol doesn’t scare an intruder, he’ll certainly run away when your hand explodes all over his face.

6 Reasons Not to Freak Out About the 3D Printer Gun

The first gun made entirely of 3D-printed parts recently debuted, and despite the best efforts of its creators, it looks pretty stupid. When your gun looks like something an 8-year-old built out of LEGO bricks, you’re not gonna intimidate anyone (except maybe some other poor bastard 8-year-old whose parents bought him Mega Bloks).

But obviously, aesthetics aren’t the point here, right? It doesn’t matter that the “Liberator” is stupid-looking, because it’s still a deadly weapon available to everyone with a 3D printer, huh? Sure, it looks like a lump of packing filler, but criminals everywhere will soon be brandishing these homemade firearms, running amok in the streets, correct? Well, not exactly.

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Looking to replace your pistol’s sights but not sure how to measure sight height?