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The Summer has finally arrived here in the UK, and so has the Wedding season.
We get invited to so many celebrations throughout the Summer, and many of them start in the daytime and carry on through to the evening.
This makes it hard to choose a makeup look that will carry you through both daytime and nighttime, and that is also going to last in the warm weather.

I decided to do a talk-through tutorial covering some of these aspects, while providing you with the ‘how-to’ on recreating my Summer daytime glam look.

This makeup is perfect to wear if you’re a guest at a Wedding, going to a ladies day, or even Prom. The warm shades are just enough to give you definition but not too dark to be worn during the day.
The Peach Pink glitter is what really gives this look that added ‘Glam’!

The tutorial for this makeup can be seen here: All the products used will be listed in the description bar of the video and on tomorrow’s blog post.

A photo of this weeks upcoming tutorial!

This look is all about precision, tones and blending. And although it may look difficult to replicate, my tutorial will show you that it’s actually very simple!

I’ve chosen eyeshadow finishes that best accentuate and define the shape of the eye.

* Shimmers and metallics help to reflect and bounce light, so putting those finish eyeshadows on the lid will help to make it look bigger.
We know this to be true with light coloured eyeshadows, but even if you are using darker toned shadows, if they are reflective and drawing light to that area then the surface will look bigger.

* Matte finish eyeshadows will help make the area appear flat.
Dark eyeshadows that are matte will help areas look pushed back or sunken.
You maybe familiar with this when you think about how contouring works.
It’s the same with eyeshadows.
If you have mono-lids or hooded eyes, with the use of a dark matte finish eyeshadow you can create the appearance of a false crease - thus making the eyelid look much bigger than it actually is.
Also, matte finish eyeshadows are best for mature lids as shimmer can accentuate wrinkles and lines.


This week I filmed a look using warm eyeshadows with a beautiful Champagne shimmer!
In the flesh these colours are so much more true to Rose & Champagne in hue, but they have photographed a little bronzy, due to my change of lighting.

The tutorial for this look is now up on my channel - click here to watch:

I used a mix of MAC & MakeupGeek eyeshadows to create this look. The lashes I used are from Eldora False Eyelashes, and they are a multi-layered set for added volume and dimension.

Full details will be included in the next post along with the video link!

Start by facing the ground and flipping your hair over and starting at the end of your scalp, French braid going up all the way where you want the ponytail to be and then pull at the braid so it looks thicker and more voluminous and it also gives texture and then finish off with hairspray to set it💕


Thrift Haul + Quick Fixes by coolirpa