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How to Mend Rips in Clothes by Easy Sewing for Beginners



I created this soft smokey full face makeup look using just my fingers - no makeup brushes!! 
I know what a pain it can be to cart around makeup brushes as well as makeup products when you’re travelling or going on holiday. So, being able to apply your full face using just your fingers can save on space as well as the pain of having to clean your brushes! 
Obviously it won’t be able as ‘perfect’ as it could be with the use of brushes - we have them for a reason! BUT… you can definitely create something beautiful with the tools you were born with! 

To see how I created this look, please click here or on the link below to view the tutorial:

Want to have your own private theater ?? Here’s a super easy DIYfor you guys ^_^ So now you can have your own private theater at home and that also in YOUR ROOM !! ^_^

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New Year New Me Collection: Your 2014 Style

For these looks:

Look at the different pictures and styles, decide which one works best for you and below are different pieces and articles of clothing you can use to help get the look!

Remember: Don’t Worry about what will “look best on you”. You will look beautiful in the style that you feel most comfortable in and expresses you the best. This is the new year. Challenge yourself to open up to different styles and pieces you were previously afraid to try!


External image

♥ Tights

♥ Cardigans and Sweaters

♥ Lace

♥ Lots of beige, white, pale pinks, and simple colors

♥ Accessorize- small pieces like lockets or stud earrings

♥ Dresses and skirts

Store for you: TopShop or H&M!



ღ Bows!

ღ Dresses (definitely!)

ღ In the winter- comfy sweaters, skater dresses, patterned tights

ღ In the summer- high waisted shorts, flowly skirts, tank tops

ღ Light colors like pastels. Especially light pinks, light blues, and yellows

ღ Floral

Store for you: Forever 21!



External image

Combat boots


Flannel and denim

Graphic tees and band shirts

Chunky jewelry and lots of braclets

Even dye your hair a fun color like purple or blue! (It draws all eyes to you and you become the immediate center of attention, you also come off as fun and bubbly!)

Store for you: Hot Topic, Thrift Shops, Society 6



External image

✌ Beanies and Snapbacks

✌ Vans and Keds

✌ Graphic tees with cut outs (you can do it yourself even!) and a neon colored sports bra underneath!

✌ Short shorts

✌ Knee high sport socks in neon colors

✌ Straighten your hair (just a suggestion!)

✌ Chunky necklaces and feather earrings

✌ Ankle braclets (they’re so cute)

✌ Varsity Jackets and hoodies

Store for you: American Eagle, Hollister, Wet Seal



External image

☯Big varsity shirts with leggings

☯ Blue jeans

☯ Plain white tees

☯Sneakers. I recommend Keds

☯Gray sweat pants

☯Beanies and baseball caps

☯ Fun scarves to add color!

Stores for you: Urban Outfitters and Attitude 



External image

☮ Flower crowns, bandanas, and scraves

☮Wear Nuetral colors: Browns, tans, grays and blues with certain color pieces that bring the look together

☮Feather earrings and ear cuffs

☮ Big statement jewelry pieces

☮ Flowy skirts

☮ Two inch strap tank tops

☮ Maxi dresses and High-Low dresses

☮ Sandals and combat boots

Store for you: Thrift Shops, JCPenny, and Free People



External image
▲ Bright colors (reds, yellows, oranges, bright greens, and hot pink)

▲chunky, gaudy jewelry

▲ Ripped jeans

▲ Leather pants and high wasted shorts

▲Throw overs and big sweaters

▲Lots of rings (get a lot at the thrift store- they look good and cost less)

▲ Leather boots and high tops

Store for you: Macey’s, Roxy, and Pacsun



❥Remember: In any fashion choice you must back it up. Wear it with confidence and when people try to tell you it doesn’t look good on you or it doesn’t seem like you, just remind them it’s your life and you will wear what you want to. Let 2014 become your year to find yourself and completely express yourself. You can even mix and match pieces from different looks and create your own, original style.

❥Send me an ASK if you have questions about any of the pieces or stores!

❥Want advice or tips? Message me.


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