DIY Comic Book Jeans first seen at Fashionably Geek. These were made by Kirameku (facebook link) for her Boarderlands’ costume. You can see the final costume on her FB page. She used Textilcolor paint and then thinned it for the “watercolor” shadowing seen in the bottom right photo. She says she may post a full tutorial and if she does I will certainly post a link here.


27 Ways to Tie a Scarf. I can’t believe I found a PDF of Hermès Cards released by Hermès here. There are several sets of cards so you can also google “How to Tie a Hermès Scarf” for more ideas. You can no longer buy the Hermès Knotting (Playtime) cards except on places like EBAY for about $50+.


Guide to Types of Pants Infographic from Enerie. Writers continue to reblog these infographics for their useful terminology. If you’ve missed any of these very popular posts, here they are:


For everyone who likes to make people in the checkout line a little uncomfortable.

1. You will need: cardboard, a Sharpie, a pen knife, an eraser, black fabric paint, and (obviously) a top of your choice. Mine’s polyester, but cotton should work too.

2. Draw the eye (or whatever you want, really) on the eraser. Mark what you’ll cut away with Xs. Those’ll be the white spaces, and what you leave behind will be the actual stamp.

3. Cut away marked spaces VERY CAREFULLY with a pen knife. Turn on all the lights and close your Netflix tab. I mean it.

4. Slip the cardboard inside the top. This’ll keep the ink from running to the other side. It’s also a good idea to put newspaper under everything. I mean, a table with eyes stamped onto it is pretty rad, but your mom might not agree.

5. Test your stamp on some cardboard, and then have at it when you find the right spacing and texture. Let dry for 6 hours, and wash inside-out after 72.

6. If you’re reading this on the Welcome to Night Vale feed, pair with something purple.


Bleach it! Bleach aids great DIY fashion designs. You can splatter bleach on jeans or black for an edgy acid wash look. Dip an old pair of shorts in some bleach to revamp them with a new look! You can draw cool designs (using a
stencil, if you are not artistically inclined) on any type of clothing item, purse, or accessory. They sell a bleach pen at basically all supermarkets. Create your own one of a kind piece!