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I have such an awesome design in mind for another YouTuber inspired design…. But my nails are soo short! 😁 Ughhh. I’m super excited though! I think I’ll make a tutorial for this one! 💅 IN THE MEANTIME, make sure to check out my Pewds tutorial on my YT channel! 😄👍 and follow me on my Instagram for more designs!


Inspiration: connorfranta danisnotonfire amazingphil sprinkleofglitr

Make a Skirt out of Pants... Frankenstein's way

Hello big bats of the world!

Surely you know how to slice things up and sew them back again. I’m talking fabric, guys. So, why not put your surgical skills to use and make a real quick skirt?

Grab a:

  • pair of pants or jeans
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • pins
  • patches/spikes/fancy ornamentation

Step 1: Cut most of pant legs off as though you were making shorts. Then, cut fabric connecting both legs so as to make a skirt.

Step 2: Pin extra fabric in front of skirt together.

Step 3: Sew extra fabric in back of skirt together.

Step 4: distress edges by gliding scissors over them.

Step 4: add pins, nuts, bolts, anvils and other decorations.

Final step: be fabulous.