diy eyeshadow nail polish


There’s always this huge selection of colors for nail polish in the stores and never the exact color I want! When I do find the color, it’s 8-15 bucks… Uh, excuse me?? Well, now you can get the nail colors of your dreams for about five bucks or so with this DIY!! Make your own custom nail polish.


  • Clear nail polish 
    • the only clear ones I can find are the top coat kind, which worked fine for me! 
    • suggested to get multiple for multiple colors! (the lady did think it was weird I was buying only 4 top coat nail polishes though haha)
  • Eyeshadow - color of choice
  • Paper
  • Plastic Straw


  1. Invite a friend for company!! The more the merrier :)
  2. Decide what colors to use from your eyeshadow palet- here, you can mix colors to get different shades!
    1. Ex. I wanted a cute sea green, so I mixed dark greens and blues together.
  3. Use the straw to scoop up the chosen eyeshadow colors and tap it onto the paper - here, you’ll have to estimate a little on the amount. The more eyeshadow, the thicker your nail polish is going to be in texture. 
    1. Note: Since it’s the top coat polish, it’s thinner than regular nail polish. However, that does mean it drys faster!
  4. Refine the eyeshadow into a fine powder - stomp out all the clumps with the side of the straw!
  5. Pour the eyshadow into the nail polish bottle - best to fold the paper in half to form a creased path for the powder to travel down
  6. Shake the bottle until it becomes opaque - this is the fun part
    1. Don’t be afraid to add more eyshadow (repeating steps 2-6) to adjust the color!
  7. Paint your nails and watch the color magic of your work happen!
    1. Since it’s not regular nail polish, you may have to use several coats before you see the colors appear nicely.

To color block your nails with the different colors, you can use tape to paint one color at a time! Tape half your nail, paint it, wait for it to try, and paint the other half!