diy etsy

I’ve been working on these pins, and they’re turning out pretty cool! 💕 I’ll post a link to my shop once Ive made enough to sell ✨


Finally finished my plague doctor mask for my cosplay!
I bought a kit online, and with the help of my friends I did it in one day. Completely hand sewn, hand hole punched, and I made the lenses red with some red plastic sandwiched between the acrylic lenses. I can breathe just fine with the vents on the bottom and even though it’s a little blurry with the plastic over the lenses I can still see larger texts and shapes.

You can buy the kit here on etsy, but thread isn’t included so be sure to pick up a small spool of waxed thread as well! :



with the help of @witchy-woman and @witchy-wife i actually got some stuff done with this weekend (which is pretty amazing considering how much time we spent outside)

anyway! go check them out there are some really nice ones, along with all the crystals i put up yesterday!!