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The Jewels That Aren’t in the Skull

Utilizing Gemstones

Gems serve an important role in games that emphasize treasure acquisition and encumbrance- their generally smaller and lighter than their value in gold. They fall a bit flat for me mechanically though, only really being used as an occasional spell reagent. To give them a more fun application here’s a way to use gems as item upgrades like in Diablo or WoW.

Enchanting Items

The gnomes of The Bronze City of Peake have mastered the art of jewelcraft. Adventurers from all corners of the world seek them out to enchant their blades, rings and shields with the power of precious stones.

The gnomes are skilled crafts folk, able to do detailed work with their nimble fingers and sharp eyes, but more impressive than that is their ability to shape the gems into impossible designs. Elegant shapes and patterns wrought from ruby and emerald surpass even the work of the dwarves, who would be the first to point out that the gnomes are more just taking advantage of their elemental heritage, coaxing the stones into these shapes in their own language, the language of stone.

You can enchant any item that could accommodate a gemstone (DM fiat) other than that the rules of magic items apply in accordance to your preferred gaming system (I’m using 5e)

The gnomes do not work for free however. Their prices and effects are listed here:


Enchanting a weapon with a ruby gives the weapon an extra 1d6 (200g) 1d8 (500g) or 1d10 (1000g) bonus to damage. 


Enchanting the weapon with an emerald grants an extra +1 (200g) +2 (500g) or +3 (1000g) to hit.


Enchanting the item with a sapphire increases the AC of the character by an extra +1 (200g) +2 (500g) or +3 (1000g).


A diamond may be used to enchant the item with the power of a spell that can be used once a day. Cantrip 500g, All spells higher than cantrip cost 1000xspell level gold.

Customers must supply gemstones or pay market price in shop.

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Do you have anything witchy or halloween-ish?


DIY Glowing Mushroom Mood Light

DIY Braucherei Pins

DIY Basic Crystal Grid

DIY Spooky Crystal Ball Candlesticks 

DIY Apothecary Bottles

DIY Spider Lantern

DIY Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Do you know of any spells or sigils thay could help someone fall asleep faster? Or stay asleep?

I feel general sleep spells would be enough to help you fall asleep, and keep you there. (I have this issue - I wake up, like, every half hour or every hour, almost every night; I can’t recall the last time I got a full night’s rest without any interruption, and it’s been brutal.)



I hope that’s enough ;) Good luck anon, I hope you sleep well soon! :D


It’s live!!

Here’s my first ever video tutorial! I’m excited to start doing more of these. I realized how well received every tutorial I’ve ever done in photo and write up format has been, so I thought I’d give the old Youtube thing a shot!

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Enjoy guys! And I’ll be getting better and growing each time, so the support means a lot to me at this early stage!

Pretty.Odd Books

I’ve made a compilation list of books I’ve read that remind me of P!ATD’s album Pretty.Odd. One of my favourite records of all time!

For one reason or another I think these stories, poems or essays encapsulate a little bit of the essence of those songs. There are no fanfics in here but I might make a future list with fic suggestions if that’s something you guys would enjoy!

I hope you like it! I’ve previously made a short list of books that remind me of Ryan Ross. I’m considering making a AFYCSO book list and PO, AFYCSO films + TV shows compilation too.


* I came up with these titles in one go so I’m almost 100% sure I’ve forgotten many others that remind me of Pretty.Odd. I’ll try to add them in the future. Feel free to add yours too! Also in many cases I would have to write almost every author’s work because they all have a similar vibe, but I limited myself to writing one or two.

* I’ve written this super quick so sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in the titles/authors names.

* If you have any questions/suggestions my ask box is always open. x

Now the list:

I’d like to dedicate it to @gwenie for being amazing although I basically disappeared for almost a month!



- Sun, moon and Talia. Basile.
- The buried moon. Joseph Jacobs.
- Magic America. C.E. Medford.
- Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll.
- Through the looking glass. Lewis Carroll.
- Peter Pan. James Barry.
- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Frank Baum.
- Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales.
- Grimm Brother’s Fairytales.
- The girl with glass feet. Ali Shaw.
- The little prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
- The ocean at the end of the lane. Neil Gaiman.
- The book of lost things. John Connolly.
- The girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making. Catheryne M. Valente.


- Tao Te Ching. Lao Tzu.
- Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Douglas Adams.
- The razor’s edge. William Somerset Maugham.
- A season in hell. Arthur Rimbaud.
- Illuminations. Arthur Rimbaud.
- Poems by Walt Whitman.
- Les fleurs du mal. Charles Baudelaire.
- The picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde.
- Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov.
- Enid Blyton books.
- A midsummer’s night’s dream. William Shakespeare.
- Steppenwolf. Hermann Hesse.
- Siddharta. Hermann Hesse.
- Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Richard Bach.
- Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Robert Pirsig.
- The secret garden. Frances Hodgson.

60s related:

- Prodigal summer. Barbary Kingsolver.
- Bohemian manifesto. Laren Stover.
- Hippie. Barry Miles.
- The hippie handbook. Chelsea Cain.
- Bob Dylan: Chronicles. Bob Dylan.
- Shout! A Beatles biography. Philip Norman.
- The Kinks. Jon Savage.
- Summer of love. Lisa Mason.
- In his own write. John Lennon.
- A Spaniard in the works. John Lennon.
- Me, I, myself. George Harrison.
- The electric kool aid acid test. Tom Wolfe.
- The doors of perception. Aldous Huxley.
- On the road. Jack Kerouac.
- Howl. Allen Ginsberg.

Modern (ish):

- Dash and Lily’s book of dares. David Levithan.
- The Prophet. Kahlil Gibran.
- Looking for Jack Kerouac. Barbara
- Reunited. Hilary Weisman.
- Station Eleven. Emily St. John.
- The perks of being a wallflower. Stephen Chbosky.


- Emerald City. Mathew W. Klingle.
- Legends of the Chelsea Hotel. Ed Hamilton.
- The rainbow goblins. Ul de Rico.
- The rainbow book. Kate Ohrt.
- Flower crowns: 30 enchanting DIY floral creations. Christy Meisner.
- Grow your own vegetables. Joy Larkom.
- Tree houses you can actually build. David Stiles.
- Bohemian style. Elizabeth Wilhide.
- The edible flower garden. Rosalind Creasy.

You know how in real life, we have magazines like PC Magazine and all the myriad ones that try to keep their readers abreast of new technology and cool shit people have figured out how to do?


Imagine that in WoW with magic. Imagine if it was like what’s happened with Pinterest or something, where readers send in pictures of what they made and it’s like “nailed it!” Silvermoon is probably the biggest creator of such magazines, full of tips and tricks and diagrams for the aspiring young enchanter on how to make a multicolored nightlight or a sand-repelling blanket or a color-changing shirt. People write in with questions. (”Is it supposed to be this weird pulsating yellow color?” “No.”)

Imagine if they sell DIY enchanting kits, like those little chemistry sets they put out for kids that teach you how to make a vinegar-baking soda volcano. “Start your child on the path to becoming an enchanter today! Seven silver plus tax.” They’re not much, just some dust and a rock and instructions on how to make it glow, but when the kids figure out how to make it work their faces light up brighter than the rock. 

Imagine the serious, peer-reviewed journals, written for and by scholars of the arcane. Imagine the in-depth discussion of how this nightlight works, or that blanket, or that shirt. They’re constantly testing and trying and experimenting, publishing the results on pages that are occasionally enchanted such that touching them brings up hovering images of the process. 

Also, picture magazines based on cataloguing the serious arcane failures, like if CakeWrecks was a book. “I swear I followed the instructions, I don’t know how the thing sprouted legs and started following me around.”

(Also, groups of young nerdmages arguing the superiority of one method of enchanting over another, like the PC/Console wars but with hexes.)