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Okay, now that my friend has her ears, I can show these off. I was watching some DIY Mickey ear tutorials on youtube and one thing led to another and now we have matching McHanzo ears. And I still have leftover supplies and fabric, so I was wondering if anyone would be interesting in commissioning a pair or two? I just want to gauge interest for now.

How to: make hotglue earrings

Step one:

Find a few small simple icons or images online (you can even do someone’s face if you want, we tried, it works fine) and arrange it so there are matching pairs.

Step Two:

Print them on a thick paper (we used photography paper with a laser printer)

Step three:

Cut them out with either scissors or an exacto type knife

Step four:

Stick one onto a sheet of paper with a tiny bit of hotglue, this is to keep the image from jiggling around while you do the next step.

Step five:

Put a lot of hot glue on there and make it so it’s smooth and has no bumps. It has to be fully covered.

Step seven:

Gently remove the glued up picture of the paper as if trying to remove a stubborn sticker, if the paper ends up ripping a bit it’s okay you wont see it in the end.

Step seven:

Cut off the exess glue on the sides

Step eight:

Grab a pair of old unused and never to be used ever again earrings preferably like these;

Put a small dab of hotglue on the old and unused and never to be ever used again earrings.

and stick on your picture!

Tadaa! You can make a whole variety and we also made some dangling earrings with around the same method but using old dangling earrings.

(me and bluedeergeek made these. we also made some for our friend feliz-navidan for her birthday X)

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