diy ear cuff

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Any crafts with copper wire and string?

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Flaming ear cuff

LOVE LOVE LOVE ear cuffs!!!

Unfortunately, in my region it is almost impossibru to buy them. So why not make one vanguard myself?

External image

What you need:


the tiny stuff one use to secure those damn feathers

copper wires

invisible thread


Alright, it’s not perfect but I love it anyway!

As I had some partially ruined devil’s wings left over from Halloween, I decided to borrow the feathers from there.

External image

Curve the wires in pretty and comfy way for your ear. It is perfect if you have some cuff that you can compare the shape of the two.

Take the thread [honestly, I used the thread of fishing rod], attach it to the wire [I just tied it] and start wrapping it around or through the wires [as you like. I personally switched sides of tiring while tiring].

When emotionally ready, take those damn sicked feathers into those damn thingies and attach them as you can and your imagination allows you to. Honestly, I just wrapped it through and around for some times. :)

External image

Add as many feathers as you like or your budget allows you to.

External image

Use your imagination in order to make different kinds of cuffs!