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This section will cover everything from tanning a pelt, to true taxidermy where an animal is mounted on a frame, to cleaning bones. Taxidermy is a very interesting art form that combines many different disciplines, but with guidance anyone can create amazing pieces that can be used to educate or decorate. I will give this warning though, because taxidermy deals with dead animals, it is incredibly important that you take all necessary precautions. Use protection when dealing with the animal, keep your workbench away from your living space, dispose of all leftovers properly, and make sure you look up the rules in your state about collecting roadkill.

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New item: Mini Pillows are now live in the shop! You can get either a Project Box - fabric, interfacing, stuffing and instructions included (great for an intro into sewing!) - or as stand alone prints for your own creative project ideas. I can’t wait to make a pouch with one and pair it with the matching bones or witch print. Each are hand screen printed with water-based inks on 100% cotton.

Submission time! ~ The Exposed Issue 

Looking for work that explores ideas of vulnerability, and the power & strength in putting our emotions on show and being unapologetic. Also looking for work that looks at self care and mental health issues <3

Send your art work, written work, and anything in between, to by July 1st to get involved! 

Photo by Maisie Cousins 

ID #62314

Name: Mavis
Age: 20
Country: Singapore

I’m a Chinese girl living in Singapore, a small country in Southeast Asia. I speak bad English and even worse Chinese BUT I TRY.

I enjoy meeting new people from all around the world and learning about new cultures, which is why I’m giving this a shot! I am slightly closed off when you first meet me, but I warm up quickly I promise HAHA. I’ve been told that I’m sarcastic and cynical but I can be polite too if you aren’t into that.

My hobbies include: DIY stuff, mainly crocheting, knitting, a little bit of sewing and making friendship bracelets (I can send you some if you put up with my bullshit long enough lmao <3).

I am open to all sorts of conversations but take note that I am slightly ignorant because I honestly don’t educate myself much on things outside the education system (this sounds really bad pls talk to me) but I hope you’ll be patient enough to educate me!

Preferences: Preferably between ages 15 and 25. Any gender, any country.


My newest custom denim jacket! An ode to Prince Vegeta and Lord Shenron. Shenron was hand-painted by yours truly with Tulip soft matte fabric paints.

I’m keeping this jacket for myself, but I’m thinking of opening commissions for custom painted jackets for the holidays through my Etsy, I’ll update you when I have more info :D